Department of Performing Arts and Creative Writing

Facilitating creativity and artistic excellence through theory, interdisciplinary and experiential learning

The Department of Performing Arts and Creative Writing carries on the great tradition of liberal arts colleges by combining the study of the performing arts and creative writing disciplines within a framework of multidisciplinary coursework. Our programs combine theory with practice, leading to well-rounded students with the skill set and creative discipline for lifelong success.

The department offers a general performing arts major along with four areas of study and specialization—Dance/Performance, Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing. These programs encourage students to broaden their perspectives and the range of their skills. Practical applications of each of the majors include careers in arts management, education, or as foundations in fields such as musical theatre performance.

Student and professor discussing project.

Faculty and Staff

Our experienced and credentialed scholars and practitioners develop personal, meaningful relationships with students. Visiting guest artists offer additional styles, forms, and viewpoints through residencies and repertory work.

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Dance student Erica Misilo during a performance


Discover the full breadth of professional dance through our Dance/Performance major. Students study technique and theory, collaborate with composers and work internationally during our semester-long Dancing in London Program.

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Our unique and intimate Music program layers the exploration of world cultures on top of a solid foundation in theory, history, and composition. With opportunities to take additional coursework in professional fields, students are prepared for a wide range of music careers.

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Creative Writing

Through writing and analyzing creative works, you’ll learn how to express your ideas, tell stories and apply creative thinking to careers in writing, publishing, journalism, advertising and more.

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Stage performance.


Our Theatre program blends classroom, backstage and performance experience to give students general mastery of all areas of theatre arts. Students learn practical and professional skills needed to pursue careers in film, television, live theatre, education, and business.



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