Music History

A study of music history and the masterworks and great composers of classical music is an important foundation for the Music Major. Two of the following courses are required, depending on which track students choose. The required course, Music 211, focuses on the formal structures and instruments of the major eras of classical music. Music 212 and Music 213, one required for each track of the Major, focus on works of classical and contemporary music-- one of the great non-verbal achievements of the Western World.

MUSIC 211 – Evolution of Musical Style
Prerequisite: MUSIC 161 or permission of the instructor
Fulfills a requirement for the Music Major, Minor and Core Concentration
This course will examine the evolution of Western fine art music from the Middle Ages to the present day. Major historical style periods will be discussed with an emphasis on changes in form, instrumentation, and performance style. (3 credits) Fall

MUSIC 212 – Great Personalities in Music
Fulfills a requirement for the Music Major, Minor and Core Concentration
Examines the human experience and creative process in music through an historical examination of the lives and work of some of the great composers and performers of Western culture. The influences of era, social context, and life experience on the artist, as well as the artist’s influence on others, will be considered. (3 credits) Spring

MUSIC 213 – Music of the 20th Century and Beyond
Fulfills a requirement for Track #2 of the Music Major.
This course explores music in the Western tradition during the 20th Century extending to the present day. Trends in art and literature, including the rise of popular culture, modernism, and post-modernism, will be examined as they connect to music. Special emphasis will be given to the use and impact of technology, such as electronics and computers, on music. (3 credits) Spring