One elective course must be completed for the Major in addition to the requirements in specific areas. Choices include:

MUSIC 310 -14 – any of the five World Culture Through Music courses may be taken as an elective, in addition to the three that are required.

MUSIC 261 – Jazz Styles and History
This course offers a comprehensive study, through a critical listening approach, of stylistic trends in jazz from the early 20th century to the present day. Particular attention will be paid to the post-1945 development of jazz, including the modal, bop, hard-bop, cool, and jazz-rock fusion styles. (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer. 

MUSIC 299 – Special Topics in Music
This course is a variable topics course indicated by the current course schedule. Typical areas of study might be (but not limited to) selected periods of music within the Western Classical tradition, or some other areas of music related study. By its very nature, this course will be more focused than other 200 level courses. (3 credits) Fall, Spring

MUSIC 430 – Special Topics in Music
Investigates the various social and cultural forces which have shaped the personalities and the music of some of the important composers of European, American, and non-Western music. Sections focus on one of these three areas; focus is noted in the section listing. (3 credits) Fall, Spring