Registrar Forms

The Registrar's office processes many forms for both students and faculty/staff. Below are forms to make changes to students' personal information and academic records such as legal names changes, student majors, minors, and advisor changes, and forms related to transferring outside courses, appealing a drop/withdrawal deadline, and petition to complete an independent study. Faculty/staff can find forms at the bottom of this page for requesting classroom changes and to request data from the Registrar's office.

To change the legal name maintained on the student's official Roger Williams University Record, the student must complete this form and submit it with supporting documentation to the Registrar's Office.


  1. Please print all information 
  2. Present proof of name change
    1. Court Order
    2. Marriage License/Certificate
    3. Passport (with matching I-20 or IAP-66 for all international students)
    4. Social Security Card
    5. Military ID
    6. Government ID
  3. Original document is only required for in person requests.

Change of Name Form

Students have the option of adding or changing their preferred names in Roger Central. See the Chosen Name Policy

Directions: Please print all information below. International students must meet with the International Student Program Office. Return to the Registrar's office when complete. 

Change of Address/Telephone Number Form 

Current students may update their address through Roger Central. 

Directions: Students must complete this form for each term in which they take courses Audit or Pass/No Pass course and submit it to the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline. 

Students may audit a course if space is available. Courses audited are indicated on the transcript, but credits and grades are not assigned. The extent to which auditors may participate in a course is established by the professor. Permission must be obtained from the professor before a student registers for a course per semester for students classified as full time, but additional audited courses are billed at the established rate. Anyone not classified as a full-time student must pay the established rate for each audited course. A student who enrolls in a course as an auditor may elect to change to credit-bearing status and receive credit and a grade. A student who enrolls in a course for credit may elect to change to audit status. All changes must be made no later than by the last day to drop a course without the W (withdrawn) grade for the semester or session. A course status form must be filed with the Registrar and the Office of the Bursar and payment in full must be made for the applicable tuition and fee charges resulting from the change. 

To encourage students to enroll in courses outside their major, and thus broaden their academic foundation, juniors and seniors may enroll in one course per semester outside their major area on a Pass/No Pass basis. Music lessons for non-majors and Student Teaching courses are graded Pass/No Pass and are not part of this restriction. Those who pass the course receive the appropriate credit; those who fail the course receive no credit. A student who enrolls in a course for Pass/No Pass may elect to change to a graded status. All changes must be made no later than by the last day to drop a course without the W (withdrawn) grade for the semester or session. University Core Curriculum course requirements may not be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. Professors may not assign Pass or No Pass grades as substitutes for passing or failing grades unless the course is designated Pass/No Pass for all students, or a student formally elects the Pass/No Pass option within the time frame noted above. 

The instructor's signature is required to enroll in a course for an audit grade. The instructor's signature for Pass/No Pass guarantees that s/he is aware of the grading actions. 

Course Status Form (Audit - Pass/No Pass)

This form is used to appeal an academic policy for the reasons listed below. It is important to remember that students are responsible for meeting deadlines, following policies, and for their financial obligations. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances allow for exceptions. If you submit an Academic Policy Appeal, it is your responsibility to provide documentation and justification for consideration by the Academic Policies Committee. Carefully read and follow all the information that is set forth in this form.

You can submit an Academic Policy Appeal for the following reasons:

  1. Extend drop deadline (with no W grade)
    1. If selecting this option, you must indicate the last day you attended class.
    2. If selecting this option, you should remain in the class until you are notified of the committee’s decision.
  2. Extend withdrawal deadline (with a W grade)
    1. If selecting this option, you should remain in the class until you are notified of the committee’s decision. 
  3. Extend course audit deadline.
  4. Extend pass/no pass deadline.

If it is determined you cannot successfully pass the course that relates to your appeal, you should consult with your faculty advisor or an advisor in the Advising & Peer Mentorship Office for further guidance. 

If needed, the Advising & Peer Mentorship Office (Library, 2nd floor, 401-254-3456, can serve as a resource in preparing your appeal.

INSTRUCTIONS: For your Academic Policy Appeal to be considered the following MUST be provided by the student:

  1. Completed Academic Policy Appeal. Unsigned appeals will not be accepted.
  2. Attach a typed letter of explanation, written by the student. You should include the following:
    1. What you are requesting.
    2. Describe the extenuating circumstances which created the situation and how it impacted you, including why this situation prevented you from adhering to the drop/withdrawal/audit/pass-no pass deadline.
    3. Provide applicable dates (when it happened).
  3. Include documentation that will support your appeal. This may include support from your faculty member(s).

    Documentation Examples


    • Letter from your treating health care professional (on letterhead with signature)
    • Hospital/medical facility records, appointments, medical bills
    • Death Certificate, Obituary, funeral or memorial service program


    • Military orders
    • Time card
    • Letter from employer (on letterhead with signature)


    • Emails or letters of support from faculty, staff, and/or advisor


    • Court records, police or accident report
    • Additional documentation that supports your extenuating circumstance
  4. The appeal and supporting documentation should be emailed using the student’s RWU email to

Academic Policy Appeal Form

An external course is similar to an independent study, except that the material covered out-of-class is the same as that taught in a regularly scheduled course. External courses are restricted to students formally admitted to the School of Continuing Studies or to students who have achieved senior status as bachelor's degree candidates but who have not and cannot satisfy graduation requirements on time through regularly scheduled classes. Students are advised that a number of courses cannot be satisfied through external study. External study requires the approval of the dean. 

Students interested in enrolling in external courses must first meet with a member of the faculty to complete a Petition for External Course form available at the appropriate dean's office. The form must be submitted to the student's dean for approval. 

Students must complete financial arrangements with the Bursar if the course is taken as a sixth course. Students should complete this process one semester in advance of taking an external course. 

External (81) Course Petition for Undergraduate and Graduate

Independent Study courses provide an opportunity for individual pursuit of knowledge in an area not covered in regularly scheduled classroom courses at Roger Williams University. Independent Study courses include directed readings, thesis preparation, advanced problems and specialized research. All independent study courses are directed by faculty and must be approved by the appropriate dean prior to the end of the second week of the semester in which they are to be taken. 

All proposals for Independent Study courses must be filed prior to the end of the add/drop period in which the course is to be taken. Students whose petitions are approved must submit the appropriate tuition to the Bursar's Office unless this is part of their fulltime course load. Students must list the independent study course on the official registration form or on an Add/Drop form in order to receive a final grade. Neither the student nor the instructor may begin the course until this proposal is approved. 

Independent Study Petition for Undergraduate and Graduate

Forms must be returned to the Registrar's Office by the Dean or Assistant Dean of your school/college. 

Policy: Matriculated students who wish to take courses at other regionally accredited institutions and transfer credit to RWU must obtain prior approval from the dean of their college or school. Leave the form with the dean for processing. The dean's office will forward to the Registrar's Office. Student submitted forms cannot be accepted by the Registrar's Office.

  • It is the student's responsibility to provide catalog copy of the course description(s) at the time the request is made. 
  • The University does not factor transfer credit into the RWU cumulative grade point average (GPA). 
  • RWU only accepts transfer credit for courses completed at other regionally accredited colleges or universities with a grade of C or better. 

Special Note: Students must complete 45 of the last 60 credits at Roger Williams University or at a RWU Study Away

Day Program Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form


  1. Fill in all student information at top of the form. 
  2. Use the drop down menu to make your selections. 
  3. Once you have completed the form, go to print, then save as a .pdf. 
  4. Attach form to email and send to Current Dean, New Dean and/or Advisors for necessary signatures. 
    1. Dean for new Major/Certificate added.
    2. Advisor Signature for all Second Major, Minor or Core changes.
    3. For major changes, a new Advisor assignment may be necessary. Please see instructions highlighted in Advisor Section.
    4. Advisor Signature for Catalog Year changes.
  5. Please return form with all necessary signatures to the Registrar's Office by email to:

Major Adjustment Form 

Note: Interdisciplinary Individualized Majors are drawn from more than one academic field(s): the proposed major must comprise a minimum of 36 credit hours. Students must complete the University's Core Curriculum requirements. The Core Concentration must be taken in a field other than the principal academic fields. 

Directions: Responses to all of the topics listed below must be thorough and as accurate as possible. The petition must be reviewed by the faculty advisor, the dean of all programs that are impacted, and by the Provost. This routing slip, with appropriate signatures, must be attached. 

  1. An Interdisciplinary Individualized Major program proposal must be submitted and approved prior to a student's senior year (i.e., prior to completion of 90 credits). 
  2. Design your Interdisciplinary Individualized Major with the assistance of faculty advisors from the principal academic areas of your program.
  3. Sign and date your petition. Attach a current transcript and a statement responding to 1-6 on the form; submit the complete petition to your faculty advisor(s), the appropriate dean(s), and the provost for their approval. 
  4. The Registrar's Office will notify you when your proposal is approved and a copy of it is placed in your permanent record, to be used for evaluation when you file for a bachelor's degree. 

Interdisciplinary Individualized Major Petition Leading to a Baccalaureate Degree Form

Make sure to clearly print all the information requested on the form. The fee to request a replacement diploma is $50.00 per copy. 

  • In person requests may be paid with cash, check (made out to Roger Williams University) or a credit card. 
  • All financial obligations must be met before replacement diplomas can be issued.
  • RWU will not be responsible for undeliverable diploma due to inaccurate address. 
  • All replacement diplomas will be marked duplicate. 

Replacement Diploma Request

This RWU form must be completed every semester. If it is not submitted, you will not be certified and you will not receive your VA payment. Complete and submit to

IMPORTANT: CH 33 and CH 31 are the only benefits which pay the school directly. Students using all other benefits will be responsible for paying Tuition & Fees up front or setting up a payment plan with the Bursar's Office. 

Important Information regarding your VA Payment: 

  • The VA will only pay for courses that apply to a student’s certificate of degree program. 
  • The RWU Certifying Official cannot certify students for courses that are not part of their program. This means the Tuition and Fees will not be paid for that course (under CH 33) AND the student’s monthly stipend will be reduced (under all VA Education benefits) 
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) – RWU requires a COE be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. COE is the letter you receive form the VA indicating your entitlement to VA benefits. 
  • For Additional information of questions regarding this form, contact

Student Veteran Certification Form

For use by faculty only. 

Please download the form before filling it out. Once it has been downloaded to your computer you can fill it in and submit it using the button at the bottom of the form. 

Faculty Classroom Change Request

Use the form below to request data from the Registrar's office. 


  • Fill out the form and email to
  • If you have a deadline, please include the date you need this data by in the email. 
  • Average turnaround is 3-5 business days but please allow for longer during busy times such as registration. 

Data Request Form