Transcript Requests

Transcript Ordering Process

Roger Williams University has partnered with Parchment Exchange for ordering transcripts online. This process offers online credit card payment. Students will receive email notifications every step of the process.

You can send official transcripts via email and track the process online. In addition, you can attach documents with your transcript. This process is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This protects students' privacy rights in their education records.

Former Students Can Order Official Transcripts Here 

Current Students Can Order Official Transcripts Here

Things to remember before placing an order:

  • The transcript will include all attempted courses. It is not possible to exclude any courses or semesters. 
  • Students who are expecting a grade change should check Roger Central for the updated grade before placing an order. Students cannot receive a refund if they order before a grade change is finalized.
  • Law students should contact their Office of Student Finance and Records to request a transcript. For more information, visit the School of Law Office of Student Finance and Records.
  • Be sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing Parchment.
  • Verify that pop-up blockers are turned off.
  • Confirm the recipient e-mail address prior to submitting a request.  Incorrect information will delay the request.

Types of Transcripts

Current RWU students can order Electronic Transcripts (eTranscripts) and Official Paper Transcripts.

Example of what the login page looks like

  • eTranscripts: Fulfilled at low cost of $7.50.  This service is available to students enrolled after Fall 1995. It allows you to send an official transcript as a secure electronic document. eTranscripts reduce processing time, mailing delays, and delivery concerns. Request will be fulfilled instantly if there are no account holds.  
  • Official Paper Transcripts: Students enrolled before 1995 must order paper transcripts. These will be fulfilled within 5 Business days. Please allow another 5 to 7 days for mail delivery through USPS first class mail.
  • Unofficial: Students can get unofficial transcripts on Roger Central for personal use. The document is not signed by the registrar. It also does not have the University’s logo or seal.
    • To access unofficial transcript on Roger Central:
      1. Log into
      2. Under Advising Overview, look for the Unofficial Transcript Tab

        The tabs on Roger Central with an arrow pointing to "unofficial transcripts"

      3. Click on the link for the transcript.

Link that says Undergraduate Transcripts Transcript.

Former RWU students no longer have access to their Roger Central account. They are directed to request an official transcript through the Parchment Exchange.

Recipient Log-in Information

  • The recipient will receive two separate emails with the login and password needed to open the transcript. The first will include a link and username. The second will include a unique password. Click the link provided to you in the first email.
  • The login and password will always be required to open the transcript document. If the login information is lost, contact Parchment directly. They will send the login information. 
  • Enter the login information then download the electronic PDF transcript. Transcripts can only be viewed for 30 days after receiving the notification.
  • Make sure pop-up blockers are off and use Adobe Reader to view the pdf.


  • There is a $7.50 fee for each transcript.
  • Standard USPS -$2.50
  • USPS- International Delivery-$12.50
  • Fed Ex Delivery: Domestic- $32.50
  • Fed Ex International Priority- $55.00

Overnight Orders

*Note: Overnight orders must be placed by 12:00PM EST to be processed the same day. If the order is not placed by 12:00PM it will be processed the next day. The overnight delivery option does not include Saturday delivery.  Allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to appear on the transcript order on the Parchment site.


If a student has a hold on their account, they will receive an email with the details when they place the order. The transcript request will not be processed until the hold has been resolved. The hold needs to be resolved within 30 days. If not, the order will be cancelled. Then the student will need to submit a new one. The account is not charged until the order is fulfilled.  The student is responsible for resolving all holds.

Resolving Holds

To resolve Bursar Holds, contact the Bursar Office at 401.254.3520 or

For all other holds, contact the Office of the Registrar at 401-254-3510 or

What is an eTranscript?

A certified PDF of the official transcript with built-in security features such as technology which will confirm the validity when opened. Recipients of the official electronic transcript receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve the document from a secure web site. Official eTranscripts can be sent to any valid email address.  An eTranscript is official only when a blue ribbon appears at the top of the navigation page, the seal of the Roger Williams University appears, and the signature of the University Registrar appears.

Are e-transcripts accepted by all institutions?

No. Electronic transcript delivery is becoming progressively common and dependent on the institution. Prior to requesting an e-transcript, verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript.

Transcript Authentication

The official transcript displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of the Adobe Reader.  The blue ribbon symbol is your assurance that the digital signature is valid, authentic, and the contents of the document have not been changed or altered.  Older versions of the Adobe reader may display the blue ribbon as a pop-up screen and in the lower left corner of the frame of the application.

If the blue ribbon indicates that the document is invalid, then the document should be rejected. The invalid status could be due to an inauthentic digital signature or an alteration to the document. In all cases, reject a document that is invalid.  Additionally, if the blue ribbon indicates that the validity of the document is unknown, make sure the computer has an active internet connection. If there is a properly working internet connection and the digital signature cannot be validated, reject the document.

How will I be updated on the status of my request?

You will receive a welcome email, an email containing a confirmation of your order, any status updates as the order is processed, if a hold is present on the student record, and when the transcript is delivered/available. Requestors can also check the status of their requests directly through the Parchment website.

How will the recipient know that a transcript has been sent?

Recipients will be notified via email that an eTranscript is available for download.  A second email containing a passcode will be generated allowing access to the transcript.  The transcript is good for 3 downloads or 30 days.

Can eTranscripts be forwarded to someone else?

Transcript are not considered official once forwarded.

What if the eTranscript is never received by the Addressee?

Verify the email address that you provided and request the addressee to check their Spam or Junk Mail folder. Additional fees may apply if transcript has to be resent.

Can I request an official transcript via phone or in person?

Unfortunately, all requests Office of the Registrar and complete their request in person using the computer terminal at the Registrar’s office counter. Students who no longer have access to the student portal are directed to the online request form by going to the Parchment website. The Registrar’s Office cannot fax or email transcripts.

How can I verify that final semester grades or degree are posted and reflected on my transcript?

There will be messaging on the Parchment site directing students to the earliest available order time to ensure final grades will be reflected on the transcript

Who do I contact if I have any questions on my transcript?

You will contact the Registrar Office at 401.254.3510 or