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Student Guide: Pass/No Pass Policy
The deadline for requesting the P/NP option for the Spring 2020 semester has passed. Students now need to complete an Academic Standards Petition to request the P/NP option for any courses taken in the Spring 2020 semester.

Access RogerCentral for student planning and registration.

Please click on COURSE SEARCH to view all available courses.

Restrictions, which may block you from registration, are noted on RogerCentral (i.e. Bursar, Health Services, Missing High School transcript etc.). Restrictions need to be resolved with appropriate office prior to your assigned registration time to avoid any delays in registration.

Registration Time Email

Please refer to the emails sent from prior to advisement and registration for important registration information. The emails will include the following information:

  • Where to find your registration date and time on RogerCentral
  • Step-by-step instructions for the registration process on RogerCentral using Student Planning

Make an appointment to see your advisor to review course requirements and discuss your academic plan. Your course plan is available on Your advisor name is located on RogerCentral: Click on Go to Plan and Schedule, and then click on the Advising tab at top of the page. 

You can at this point request a review from your advisor, but undergraduates MUST meet with their advisor prior to registration so the advisor can activate “advisement complete” which would then allow you to register at your registration time assigned.

All restriction holds must be resolved with their respective offices before you will be eligible to register:

  • Financial – Bursar’s Office (401) 254-3520
  • Disciplinary – Office of Student Life (401) 254-3042
  • Medical – Health Services (401) 254-3156
  • Housing – Residence Life and Housing Office (401) 254-3161

Students will receive registration priority date and time from the Registrar in RWU Email. Individual assigned times are noted on RogerCentral. This time is the first time and date that registration will be open to you. You may continue to make updates going forward from that point until the conclusion of add/drop period.

For help with RogerCentral, please see detailed instructions below. It is recommended to have an alternative schedule plan in the event of course closures or cancellations.

RogerCentral Registration System

The link to Roger Central is  You can access this link from any computer or mobile device.  To log into Roger Central, you only have to put your username.  You do not need you user name and @academics.  

Watch a video tutorial or scroll down for step-by-step info:

Once logged in to home page – click on “Student Planning”

In RogerCentral, once logged into home page – click on “Student Planning”

To add a course:
Click on "View Your Progress." This will bring up your degree audit.  Scroll through your degree audit and click on the course you want to add or click on Search in the gray box above that requirement to search for all courses that meet that requirement

In RogerCentral, to add a course, click on 'View Your Progress'

If you are adding a course that is not a requirement, you can search for that course in the “Search for courses…” box on the top right of the screen

In RogerCentral, if you are adding a course that is not a requirement, you can search for that course in the “Search for courses…”

Click on "View Available Sections"

In RogerCentral, click on 'View Available Sections'

Find the section you want to add (the number under “Seats” indicates how many spaces are left in that class right now) and click on “Add Section to Schedule”

In RogerCentral, find the section you want to add

Click on “Add Section”

In RogerCentral, click on "Add Section"

From the top menu – Click on “Student Planning” and then on “Plan and Schedule”

In RogerCentral, from the top menu, click on "Student Planning" and then on "Plan and Schedule"

On the top right of the screen, above the calendar, click on “Register Now” or click “Register” under the course on the left menu

On RogerCentral, click on "Register Now"

The course should change from “Planned” to “Registered, but not started”

The course should change from “Planned” to “Registered, but not started”

To drop a course:
To drop a course, click “Drop” under that course

To drop a course, click “Drop” under that course

Download RogerCentral Guide