Registration & Courses

New students click here to access Student Planning to register for Fall 2018 courses

Please click on COURSE SEARCH to view all available courses.

Registration Priority Email

Please refer to the email sent from the email for important fall 2018 registration information. The email includes the following information:

  • How to look up your academic advisor
  • View any restrictions (i.e. Bursar, Health Services, etc)
  • Your registration date & time
  • Link for myRWU tutorial

Registration Tips and Procedures

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Make an appointment to see your advisor to review course requirements and discuss your academic plans. Your advisor’s name and e-mail address is located under “My Profile” on myRWU. Many advisors put up sign up sheets on their office doors prior to advising. Try stopping by his or her office in addition to e-mail.

Undergraduates MUST meet with their advisor and he or she must lift your advisor hold to enable you to register.

All financial, disciplinary, medical, and housing holds must be resolved with the Bursar, Student Affairs, Student Health Center, and Housing before you can register.

Students register based on credits earned (does not include currently enrolled courses). You will receive your registration priority date and time from the Registrar in your RWU e-mail. This will be the date and time when you will first be able to register for classes on myRWU. You can register at any point after that.

For help with myRWU, RWU Mobile App, click on myRWU Tutorial

Have an alternative schedule plan in case a desired class is closed or canceled.