Professional Growth & Development Opportunities

In order to create a thriving community, RWU encourages employees to grow in their role and career path where personal and professional goals are in alignment. RWU is committed to provide lifelong learning, professional development and academic innovation to all employees. After reviewing feedback from management and employees, we have found that to achieve RWU goals and objectives, hard and soft skills are essentially needed. Hard skills represent the requirements necessary to properly perform a job which an employee may gain through education or technical training. While soft skills come as a result of life experience which is acquired through observations, training, teaching and practice.

RWU provides free resources to help develop and strengthen these skills to foster professional growth and development. One of these resources is LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand library of instructional videos covering the latest business, technology and creative skills. There are over 16,000 LinkedIn courses available in 7 different languages! What makes LinkedIn Learning stand out is that courses are taught by industry experts with real-world experience. Courses are provided to all RWU employees by signing into LinkedIn using your RWU email and password.

Additionally, after completing a course, LinkedIn Learning will provide a certificate of completion. After receiving your certificate, please email a copy to the Department of Human Resources to be documented.

Thank you and happy learning!