Contact Title IX

photo of Jen Stanley, RWU Title IX coordinatorTitle IX Coordinator
Dr. Jen Stanley, Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean 
(401) 254-3123


Amy LanoieDeputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees
Amy Lanoie, Manager of Employment
(401) 254-3190


Amanda DowneyDeputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Amanda Downey, Director of Residence Life and Housing
(401) 254-3161


Jeremy Hynson

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Jeremy Hynson, Assistant Director for Housing Operations
(401) 254-3161


Deputy Title IX Coordinator for University College (UC)
Sean Parker, Adjunct Professor and CJS Program Advisor, UC
(401) 254-3407

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty
Becky Spritz, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
(401) 254-3664

Lorraine LalliDeputy Title IX Coordinator for School of Law
Lorraine Lalli, Associate Dean of Student Life and Operations, School of Law
(401) 254-4593


Kiki JacobsDeputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Kiki Jacobs, Director of Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
(401) 254-3428


Case Investigator and Compliance Officer
Hannah Ilagan, Student Life Compliance Officer and Title IX & Title VI Investigator
(401) 254-3020