Making An Appointment

Counseling Center: CALL us at 401-254-3124 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

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We currently provide telemental health treatment (synchronous video) to limit the spread of COVID-19 as no in-person meetings are occurring in the physical spaces of the Counseling Center at this time.  If this is of interest, call the Counseling Center at 401-254-3124 Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

If you prefer telemental health treatment with a therapist  in your local area, we suggest that you consult with your primary health care provider and/or review both of these referral sites: Psychology Today and Zencare. You can also contact the Counseling Center at 401-254-3124 and leave us a voicemail if you need assistance in locating a referral.

For an urgent concern on a  weekday evening (after 4pm), weekend, or a holiday, we have a NEW SERVICE available to both RWU students themselves and administrators, faculty, and staff who wish to consult about heightened emotional distress and/or a mental health difficulty of a student. Simply call the Counseling Center at 401-254-3124, follow the prompts, and you will be immediately connected to a professional who can provide crisis intervention regarding a student when the Counseling Center is closed.

For EMERGENCIES, if you are on campus currently, call Public Safety at 401-254-3333. If you are off-campus in the Bristol area, call East Bay Center (available 24/7/365) at 401-246-0700. Options for any student, regardless of where you live, include calling 911, visiting a local hospital emergency room, and/or contacting any of these free resources available to you 24/7/365:

If you do schedule a telemental health appointment at the Counseling Center, you will be asked to complete a set of forms prior to your first appointment. Generally, eligible students can have an appointment within a week of their initial request, depending on their and our schedule availability. In rare and unusual emergency circumstances, eligible students may be seen more immediately. Occasionally we are contacted by persons wanting to make an appointment, not for themselves but for a student. It is important to us that students who seek our services do so out of their own choice, so we require all students to request their own appointments. Appointments generally last 50 minutes in duration and occur on a regular, but not necessarily, weekly, basis. If, for whatever reason(s), you decide you want to transfer to a different counselor, you can inform your counselor or call the Center and request to switch counselors.

Emailing the Counseling Center

We at the Roger Williams University Counseling Center want to hear from you. However, because of the deeply personal service we provide, we also place a high value on your privacy and our ability to best serve you. Therefore, we want to take a moment to clarify the appropriate use of email as a tool in contacting us. We hope that these guidelines help you to decide the best way to reach our staff.


If you are struggling with a personal problem or are concerned about someone you know, the best way to contact us is by phone at 401-254-3124. While we try to check our email regularly, you have no way of knowing if one of us is unavailable due to illness, vacation, computer problems, etc.

It is very important that we limit the use of email for comments or general questions about our services.

If your situation is urgent, RWU students are encouraged to call us or Public Safety at 401-254-3333.

Email Confidentiality

We cannot guarantee that your email will remain confidential. We will do our best to keep your communications private, but we do not have control over the flaws in Internet technology or other administrative policies regarding monitoring of email. If you are in any way concerned about the contents of your email being read by someone other than the person you are contacting, you should consider alternative ways of contacting us.

When we respond to your email, we will respond to the address from which it was sent. If you do not wish others who may have access to the email account that you are using to also have access to our response, please consider another means of communication.

What if you are not a Roger Williams University student?

We do not provide services to students who are not currently full-time Roger Williams University students or who are non-students, but we do welcome comments or questions about our services and this website.