Secondary Education

A degree in Secondary Education gives you the foundation to become a high school teacher in math, science, English, dance, foreign language, history or social studies. At RWU, all of our Secondary Education students double major in a discipline related to their area of certification. Combined with field experiences and student teaching, you’ll gain the deep subject matter knowledge and real-world teaching experience needed to succeed.

The Secondary Teacher Education Major

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Secondary Teacher Education Certificate Program Requirements

Level I: Exploring the Profession Coursework

EDU200Foundations of Education 
EDU202Psychology of Learning and Development 

Level II: Preparing to Teach Coursework

EDU306Classroom Applications of Technology at the Middle and Secondary School Level 
EDU330Issues in Multicultural Education 
EDU356Middle and Secondary School Level Special Education Practice 
EDU363Literacy Across the Curriculum 
EDU373Issues in Middle and Secondary Health Education 

Three additional pedagogical content knowledge courses in the certification area, the third of which is taken simultaneously with Practicum, and is understood as belonging to Curriculum Level II:

Secondary Mathematics only:

EDU390Teaching Secondary Mathematics through Inquiry 
EDU391Teaching Secondary Mathematics: Geometry, Data, and Trigonometry 
EDU414Capstone: Mathematics Education 

Secondary Science only:

EDU392Teaching Secondary Science through Inquiry 
EDU393Standards-Based Science in the Secondary School 
EDU411Capstone: Science Education 

Secondary English only:

EDU394Teaching Reading and Literature in the High School 
EDU395Teaching Writing in the High School 
EDU412Capstone: Multicultural Adolescent Literature 

Secondary Social Studies only:

EDU384Teaching World Geography 
EDU396Historical Thinking in Context 
EDU397Historical Inquiry in Context 
EDU413Capstone: Ways of Knowing – History and Social Studies 
POLSC100American Government and Politics 
ECON111Principles of Microeconomics 

PK-12 Foreign Language only:

EDU398Teaching Standards-based World Languages and Culture 
EDU399Teaching Literacy to World Language Learners 
EDU415Capstone: Foreign Language Education 
LING101Introduction to Linguistics (required of Foreign Language/Secondary Education majors only) 

PK-12 Dance only:

DANCE460Teaching Techniques, Musical Concepts, and Rythmic Analysis 
EDU388Teaching Ethnology and History of Dance 
EDU416Capstone: Applications in Dance Methodology and Best Practices 

Level III: Performing in the Classroom Coursework

EDU376Secondary Education Practicum 
EDU450Student Teaching 
EDU451Student Teaching Seminar 

All students are required to have field experiences in a variety of settings, including experiences in urban schools.


Students seeking certification must participate in Pre-Practicum, Practicum and Student Teaching experience. Participating districts and schools include:

  • Atlantis Charter School (MA)
  • Bristol/Warren Regional School District
  • Central Falls Public Schools
  • Community Preparatory School
  • CVS Highlander Charter School
  • East Providence Public Schools
  • Fall River Public Schools (MA)
  • Gordon School
  • Metropolitan Regional Career & Technical Schools
  • Middletown Public Schools
  • Newport Public Schools
  • Pawtucket Public Schools
  • Portsmouth Public Schools
  • Providence Public Schools
  • School One

Research Projects

  • Content Crosswalks in Literacy
  • Longitudinal Study of Best Practice in Reading Comprehension
  • Using Multicultural Literature to Teach Children about Tolerance and Diversity


Recent RWU graduates have been hired by school districts in the following locations:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • Overseas: South Korea

Graduate Study

Certified teachers may earn a Master of Arts in Literacy Education leading to advanced certification as a Reading Specialist (K-12).