Elementary Education

When you study Elementary Education at RWU, you’ll prepare to educate the next generation by exploring a broad spectrum of classroom subjects and school settings, both urban and suburban, through four years of field experiences integrated into your curriculum. With small class sizes, individual attention from faculty and specialized training in educating high-needs youth, our program will provide you with the skills to become a certified elementary school teacher.

The Elementary Education Major

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Elementary Education Certification Program Requirements

Level I: Exploring the Profession Coursework

EDU200Foundations of Education 
EDU202Psychology of Learning and Development 

Level II: Preparing to Teach Coursework

BIO105/LLife Science for Elementary Education and Lab 
NATSC105/LEarth Science and Physical Science for Elementary Education and Lab 
EDU302Literacy in the Elementary School I 
EDU303Literacy in the Elementary School II 
EDU305Classroom Applications of Technology at the Elementary and Middle School Level 
EDU316Classrooms as Communities 
EDU318Educational Reform and Policy 
EDU330Issues in Multicultural Education 
EDU332Responding to Diverse Learners 
EDU341Science in the Elementary School 
EDU342Teaching Inquiry Science in the Elementary School 
EDU349Mathematics in the Elementary School I 
EDU350Mathematics in the Elementary School II 
EDU355Elementary and Middle School Level Special Education Practice 
EDU370Social Studies in the Elementary School 
EDU372Issues in Elementary Health Education 

Level III: Performing in the Classroom Coursework

EDU375Elementary Education Practicum 
EDU450Student Teaching 
EDU451Student Teaching Seminar 

Additional Required Courses:

HIST151U.S. History I 
MATH115Math for Elementary Education I 
MATH116Math for Elementary Education II 
MUSIC171Basic Musicianship for Elementary Education 

All students are required to have field experiences in a variety of settings, including experiences in urban schools.

A headshot of Meghan Curran in a middle school classroom

Learning for Others

Meghan Curran, RWU Class of 2017 Elementary Education

Meghan Curran, like all RWU students and alumni, is a constant learner unafraid to challenge herself with new experiences and learn new skills that could benefit her elementary students.

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