Performing Arts

The interdisciplinary Performing Arts program is designed for multi-talented students who do not want to confine themselves to studying only dance, music or theatre. With opportunities to customize your studies, join on-campus performances and study abroad through the RWU London Theatre Program, you’ll develop your skills for a variety of arts careers including performance, education and management.

Performing Arts involves an interdisciplinary study of dance, music and theatre. While each of the Performing Arts is a distinct discipline, they have historically drawn from each other in both theory and practice. Designed for students who do not want to confine themselves to one discipline, Performing Arts encourages students to broaden their perspectives and the range of their skills. Practical applications  include careers in arts management, education, or as a foundation in such fields as musical theatre performance, which synthesize all the arts.

Performign Arts seeks to acquaint students with the commonalities shared by all three fields and to provide specialized understanding and mastery of two. This program also provides a solid understanding of the history and theory in the Performing Arts with experience in the practical application of the discipline through studio courses and through the department’s performance programs. Students are encouraged to participate in the London Study Abroad program, which focuses on exposure to the Performing Arts.

Degree Requirements