Discover the full breadth of professional dance through Dance/Performance at RWU, where you’ll study technique and theory, collaborate with composers and work internationally during our semester-long Dancing in London Program. Our faculty -- all working professionals in the field -- give individual attention and guidance to broaden your career options beyond performance and choreography with additional coursework in fields such as education, therapy and management.

This major is coordinated by the Dance/Performance program

A Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in Dance/Performance Studies, which develops highly trained, creatively active and professionally oriented students with its unique curriculum. It stresses the development of strong technical and creative work from each student, as they hone skills that will allow them to distinguish themselves professionally. Students are offered professional-level experiences through multiple guest artist residences, study abroad, and yearly participation in the American College Dance Festival.

Our program offers live accompaniment for each technique class and gives opportunities for students to collaborate with our staff composer, facilitating crucial skills for work in professional dance fields. Students can combine their Dance/Performance major with other programs easily. We will guide you towards partnering the major with another major/minor for a broad range of career options.

Auditions are required for acceptance into the Dance/Performance program.

Degree Requirements


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Student Learning Outcomes

At RWU, students earn their Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Performance Studies by engaging in the steady practice of movement research, development, performance, and analyses.  Students who complete the major will be able to:

1. Increase proficiency in anatomical efficiency, effort dynamics, and overall technical development.

2. Heighten cognitive and embodied understanding of both the technical and cultural evolution of Classical Ballet, Modern, Post-modern, & Contemporary forms. 

3. Synthesize performance skills via ongoing participation in numerous, diverse, experiential creative processes and performances.

4. Exercise a variety of established, experimental, and devised forms of movement composition. 

5. Explore and develop distinct interests and skills as artists and practitioners while situating their work within the larger contexts of history, pedagogy, culture, identity and community.


A picture of dancers in a performance.The Dance/Performance Studies program is looking for technically proficient and creatively oriented students who wish to study Dance, Performance, and Movement Theatre. For acceptance into the Program, an audition is required. For those students who have not had a great deal of technical training but feel they have the talent and desire to work in this unique program, please concentrate on the performance part of the audition.

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Dancing in London

Students can spend the fall semester of their junior year in London working with international technique teachers and choreographers. Students also attend dozens of dance and theater performances presented by both British and international companies. Courses build on the opportunities that London provides with frequent field trips, guest speakers, as well as weekend trips to other parts of England.

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The Dance/Performance program stresses the development of strong technical and creative work from each student. Nowhere is this more evident than in our performances. RWU Dance/Performance students have been chosen four times to perform at the American College Dance Festival National Gala at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. And the program has continued to be recognized with invitations to perform at other regional and national galas. Students have received several scholarships and a Dance Magazine choreography nomination.

Choreographed by Christina Robson (class of 2009) in collaboration with the dancers: Louise Benkelman, Alexis Carpenter, Kelsye Chevalier, Lauren Flamia, Heather Larsen, Erica Misilo, Claudia Rightmire, and Alexandra Townsend. Robson is currently a member of Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Company.

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Alumni Success

The dance faculty guides students towards partnering the Dance/Performance Studies major with another major/minor for a broad range of career options in addition to performance and choreography. The skills and degree acquired by our Dance/Performance Studies majors offer many opportunities in the workforce both in and out of the field. Graduates have gone on to work as dance and movement therapists, certified dance teachers, occupational or physical therapists and in the communication, non-profit and studio management fields.   

Students dancing in a performance

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Robinson Dancing

The Modern Dancer in NYC

Christina Robson, RWU Class of 2009

Christina Robson graduated as a dance/performance major and visual arts minor in 2009. Now, she's a professional dancer in New York City currently working with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.

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Our Courses

Photo of a male student dancingCourses are offered in technique (Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Mime, Movement Theatre, Ethnic and Social forms).  Theory courses include Choreography, Dance History, Pedagogy, Movement Analysis, Kinesiology, Performance Techniques, and other Special Topic courses to keep students on
 the forefront of emerging topics of the field.

Courses Offered 

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Discover the full breadth of professional dance at RWU.

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