A Champion Networker

A headshot of Daymar Rosser
Daymar Rosser '18

Daymar Rosser, RWU Class of 2018

Major:  Public Relations

At RWU, we actively seek students who are willing challenge themselves, try new things and develop real-world experience. Daymar Rosser, a West Philadelphia native who was captain when RWU's National Polo Team went on a championship run, is a prime example.

Rosser, 5 at the time, had never been near a polo field when a representative from the nonprofit Work to Ride asked if would like to learn. His first time on a horse, he was "shocked" and wasn't a natural at the game. Despite that, he decided to stick with it, challenging himself to learn. With focus and determination his skill grew and now along with leading RWU to a national title, Rosser also plays in polo leagues over the summer and volunteers at Work to Ride to help young children learn the game, as he did.

Off the polo field, Rosser has that same drive to challenge himself and to build professional experience. As a public relations major he did this through his passion for networking. For example, when Rosser received an assignment in his Principles and Practices of Public Relations class to reach out to different PR departments to discuss their work, Rosser connected with contacts he'd made from networking in the polo community. That put him in touch with the O’Connell Companies, an engineering company in Massachusetts. Their discussion led to an unexpected summer internship opportunity at the start of his senior year. Excited to take on a new challenge and gain first-hand experience in his field, Rosser accepted and thrived in the position.