Learning for Others

A headshot of Meghan Curran in a middle school classroom
Meghan Curran '17

Meghan Curran, RWU Class of 2017

Major:  Elementary Education

Meghan Curran, like all RWU students and alumni, is a constant learner unafraid to challenge herself with new experiences. It's why, as a senior, Curran decided to take Engineering for Teachers, a course that introduces aspiring teachers to methods for teaching engineering principles to K-12 students using Lego robotics. "This was something I had no clue about so I thought I might as well learn about it," she says.

"I'm always looking to better myself and try new things. If I don't open myself up to new ideas, my students aren't going to be able to learn them from me."

Having no experience with engineering, robotics or coding, Curran learned core programming concepts along with engineering practices to build and program small lego robots. As part of the course, she then had to implement her learnings to design and develop fourth-grade engineering lessons for an after school program at the Nathanael Greene Elementary School in Pawtucket.

"It made me understand my students way of thinking," she says of the experience. She thinks that will help her stand out in interviews for teaching positions in her hometown of West Milford, New Jersey.