Undergraduate Fellowships that Support Student Research and Academic Interests 

RWU provides extensive guidance for undergraduate students seeking a range of prestigious fellowships. Fellowships are awards offered by organizations outside of RWU. Many provide significant financial support as well as invaluable opportunities to enhance your research, academic goals, and career plans.


Undergraduate Fellowship Opportunities Are Available ...

image of RWU undergrad doing researchIn Every Year of Study

image fo student using microscopeIn the U.S. and

image of RWU student presenting researchAcross All Disciplines

image of RWU students doing researchThat Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

RWU students are great candidates for these awards. Explore these opportunities and contact our team to find out more information about how to apply.

Explore By Year 

Fellowships are available for students in every year of study, from your first year through senior year as you prepare for graduation.

  • First-year students  
  • Sophomores 
  • Juniors  
  • Seniors 
  • Recent graduates  

Explore Opportunities By Year

Explore By Type of Opportunity 

Fellowships are available to support many types of opportunities and experiences that fit with your academic and research goals.   

  • Funding and programs for study or research abroad  
  • Funding for research and scholarships for educational programs  
  • Preparation for graduate study or careers  
  • Postgraduate programs and scholarships for graduate study 

Explore by Type of Opportunity

Explore By Field or Major 

Fellowships are available for students in majors and fields across the University. Many opportunities are open to students in all majors, but we’ve made it easy to find one connected to your academic goals.  

  • Arts, Humanities, and Education 
  • Social Sciences  
  • STEM 

Explore Opportunities by Field or Major

Explore Fellowships that Support DEI

Many organizations provide fellowships that support students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Opportunities that prioritize students of color
  • Opportunities that prioritize women students
  • Opportunities that prioritize students demonstrating financial need

Explore Opportunities that Support DEI

We Can Help You Apply 

Contact the RWU Fellowships Team at fellowships@rwu.edu for more information.

We can help you:

  • Identify opportunities that fit with your goals
  • Understand the application process
  • Communicate your project and qualifications clearly and confidently

It is important to start thinking about your goals early. Every award has different requirements, deadlines, and guidelines. Some applications require institutional endorsements, or official approval from RWU. Let’s work together to come up with a plan that meets your goals!

Advice for Faculty Advisors

The RWU Fellowships Team also works with faculty advisors. Explore the resources available to you and your students.