Curriculum Process


Academic Affairs has moved to an electronic procedure for the submission and processing of curriculum proposals.  Below is the link for authorized persons to initiate, review, comment upon, and/or track curricula from program to catalog.

For assistance or questions, please contact your program curriculum chair or Robert Cole ( x3149).

New Curriculum Process Website Login

For assistance or questions on CurricUNET, please contact the Registrar Office ( x3510).

Former Curriculum Process Website

Curriculum Procedures and Flow Chart (Approved by Faculty Senate 12-12-2012)

New Program Business Plan Template


Agendas & Minutes

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SSNS Agenda 9.13.17SSNS Minutes 9.13.17
SSNS Agenda 9.27.17SSNS Minutes 9.27.17
SSNS Agenda 10.25.17SSNS Minutes 10.25.17
SSNS Agenda 11.8.17SSNS Minutes 11.8.17
SSNS Agenda 11.29.17SSNS Minutes 11.29.17
SSNS Agenda 1.31.18SSNS Minutes 1.31.18
SSNS Agenda 2.14.18SSNS Minutes 2.14.18
SSNS Agenda 3.28.18SSNS Minutes 3.28.18
SSNS Agenda 5.9.18SSNS Minutes 5.16.18


SJS Agenda 2.1.15SJS Minutes 12.19.12
 SJS Minutes 2.1.15
 SJS Minutes 9.23.15
 SJS Minutes 1.18.15
 SJS Minutes 3.2.16


GSB  Agenda 2.1.15GSB Minutes 10.14.14
 GSB Minutes 12.10.14
 GSB Minutes 2.1.15
 GSB Minutes 2.18.15
 GSB Minutes 3.27.15


FCAS Agenda 2.11.15FCAS Minutes 12.03.14
FCAS Agenda 2.25.15FCAS Minutes 2.11.15
FCAS Agenda 3.25.15FCAS Minutes 2.25.15
FCAS Agenda 4.08.15FCAS Minutes 3.25.15
FCAS Agenda 4.22.15FCAS Minutes 4.08.15
FCAS Agenda 5.07.15FCAS Minutes 4.22.15
FCAS Agenda 9.09.15FCAS Minutes 5.07.15
FCAS Agenda 9.23.15FCAS Minutes 9.09.15
FCAS Agenda 10.14.15FCAS Minutes 9.23.15
FCAS Agenda 10.28.15FCAS Minutes 10.14.15
FCAS Agenda 11.11.15FCAS Minutes 10.28.15
FCAS Agenda 11.30.15FCAS Minutes 11.11.15
FCAS Agenda 12.09.15FCAS Minutes 11.30.15
FCAS Agenda 1.09.16FCAS Minutes 12.09.15
FCAS Agenda 2.10.16FCAS Minutes 1.27.16
FCAS Agenda 2.24.16FCAS Minutes 2.10.16
FCAS Agenda 3.9.16FCAS Minutes 2.10.16
FCAS Agenda 3.23.16FCAS Minutes 2.24.16
FCAS Agenda 4.13.16FCAS Minutes 3.23.16
FCAS Agenda 4.27.16FCAS Minutes 4.13.16
FCAS Agenda 5.11.16FCAS Minutes 4.27.16
FCAS Agenda 9.16.16FCAS Minutes 5.11.16
FCAS Agenda 9.21.16FCAS Minutes 9.21.16
FCAS Agenda 10.12.16FCAS Minutes 10.12.16
FCAS Agenda 10.26.16FCAS Minutes 10.26.16
FCAS Agenda 11.09.16FCAS Minutes 11.9.16
FCAS Agenda 11.30.16FCAS Minutes 11.30.16
FCAS Agenda 12.12.16FCAS Minutes 12.12.16
FCAS Agenda 2.8.17FCAS Minutes 1.25.17
FCAS Agenda 3.8.17FCAS Minutes 3.8.17
FCAS Agenda 3.22.17FCAS Minutes 4.12.17
FCAS Agenda 4.12.17FCAS Minutes 4.26.17
FCAS Agenda 4.26.17FCAS Minutes 5.10.17


SAAHP Agenda 2.01.15SAAHP Minutes 2.01.15
 SAAHP Minutes 3.02.16


SCS Agenda 2.01.15SCS Minutes 2.01.15
SCS Agenda 1.21.16SCS Minutes 1.22.16
SCS Agenda 2.18.16SCS Minutes 2.18.16
SCS Agenda 10.25.16SCS Minutes 4.14.16
SCS Agenda 11.17.16SCS Minutes 4.21.16
SCS Agenda 12.15.16SCS Minutes 8.18.16
SCS Agenda 1.19.17SCS Minutes 10.25.16
SCS Agenda 2.16.17SCS Minutes 12.15.16
 SCS Minutes 1.19.17
 SCS Minutes 2.16.17


SECCM Agenda 2.01.15SECCM Minutes 2.01.15
 SECCM Minutes 3.15.16


SED Agenda 2.01.15SED Minutes 2.01.15


GECPC Agenda 2.01.15GECPC Minutes 2.01.15
GECPC Agenda 2.20 .15GECPC Minutes 2.25.15
GECPC Agenda 3.25.15GECPC Minutes 3.25.15
GECPC Agenda 4.29.15GECPC Minutes 4.29.15
GECPC Agenda 8.26.15GECPC Minutes 8.26.15
GECPC Agenda 9.30.15GECPC Minutes 9.30.15
GECPC Agenda 10.28.15GECPC Minutes 10.28.15
 GECPC Minutes 1.27.16
 GECPC Minutes 2.24.16
 GECPC Minutes 3.30.16
 GECPC Minutes 4.27.16


FSCC Agenda 2.01.15FSCC Minutes 9.24.14
FSCC Agenda 12.09.15FSCC Minutes 10.15.14
FSCC Agenda 2.10.16FSCC Minutes 10.29.14
FSCC Agenda 9.28.16FSCC Minutes 11.19.14
FSCC Agenda 10.12.16FSCC Minutes 12.10.14
FSCC Agenda 2.8.17FSCC Minutes 1.21.15
 FSCC Minutes 2.01.15
 FSCC Minutes 2.25.15
 FSCC Minutes 3.18.15
 FSCC Minutes 4.29.15
 FSCC Minutes 9.09.15
 FSCC Minutes 12.09.15
 FSCC Minutes 2.10.16
 FSCC Minutes 9.28.16


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