Provost’s Fund for Student Research

Provost's Fund for Student Research Application 

Guidelines and Application Instructions 

The Office of Academic Affairs awards grants for student research through the Provost’s Fund for Student Research. Grants are awarded in the Fall and Spring of each academic year.  

The Provost’s Fund for Student Research will award up to $50,000, with an approximate 50/50 percentage split between two funding rounds. Students may apply for grants for any legitimate purpose that would enhance their research efforts. For example, grant money could be used to access special research collections, data compilation, the purchase of equipment unique to the student’s project, or for research presentations.  

Nature and scope of the project: 

The faculty/student collaboration in the project is flexible. The two models that have been used commonly are: 

  • Faculty-directed projects where the student works with the faculty member in a substantial way; or 
  • Student-directed projects where the faculty member serves as mentor and advisor


  • Maximum grant amount: $1,200 per student and $1,500 per project, and generally not more than $240 of a student award or $300 of a project award may include research costs.
  • Student applicants must be in good academic standing 
  • Funding should be targeted at research, publication, conference, and presentation expenses.
  • The final project should carry the student’s name(s).
  • The final project should formally acknowledge the support of the University. 
  • Travel expenses are limited to the student expenses for conference fees, transportation, and hotel (2-night maximum unless justified in application)Faculty conference and travel expenses are not allowable.
  • Grant funds must be expended prior to June 15, 2024. 

Timeline for 2023-2024: 

  • Application deadline round one: October 10, 2023 (Awards made on or about October 31, 2023) 
  • Application deadline round two: February 6, 2024 (Awards made on or about February 27, 2024) 

How to Apply: 

Faculty must submit applications for the student(s) on their behalf. Please submit applications through this link: Provost's Fund for Student Research Application (You will be required to sign in with your RWU credentials).

Complete the above linked form with the following information.

  • Project Name
  • Faculty Sponsor(s) Name(s) and Email(s)
  • Student Name(s) and Emails(s)
  • Purpose for request including conference/competition information, if applicable
  • Requested Budget Amounts

AND then upload the application as a single PDF*. The application must include:

  • Abstract (100-word max),
  • Narrative description of the project written as to be accessible to non-specialists (1-2 pages),
  • Budget with specifics of how this grant money would be used, with as much supporting material and detailed information as possible, and details of any other funding received, 
  • Letter of support from faculty mentor/sponsor that includes discussion of the appropriateness the grant request to the project and the budget, and
  • Optional second letter of support.

*Please note:  The application PDF must use the following naming convention:  Student Last Name, Student First Name-ProvostFundApp2023-2024.pdf, using capital letters to delimit words rater than spaces. For example, an application from Lisa Quinn would be named Quinn,Lisa-ProvostFundApp2023-2024.pdf.

Applications to the Provost’s Fund for Student Research are reviewed by a committee comprised of the Provost (or their designee), the Chairperson of the University Life Committee of the Faculty Senate (or their designee), and a second faculty member selected by the Senate Elections Committee. 

2022-2023 Awards:

Student(s) Name(s)Faculty Sponsor(s)Title of Project/PresentationResearch Accepted for Presentation at:
Parker SchwartzProfessors Meg Case and James TackachIs Maus Appropriate for Young Readers?Sigma Tau Delta (English Literary Honorary Society) Convention
Madeline (Maddie) GearyProfessors Meg Case and Cynthia ScheinbergJane Eyre: Redefining Relationships with GodSigma Tau Delta (English Literary Honorary Society) Convention
Richard McGee, Charles McGowan, Anya Firisen, Jordan Durfee, Alexander Aiken, Philip Hayes, and Brigid McSweeneyProfessor Sargon DonabedOn Fairy StoriesFanExpo Boston
Venus FuProfessor Ahmet  Akosman3D-Printing Compatible Low Loss Negative Curvature Fiber Design for Terahertz RegimeIEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference
Caterina Liseo, Dean Caliri, Jason Howe, Donald Montminy, and Christopher FlynnProfessor Pamela JudgeAnalysis and Design of Cliff Walk CollapseEastern Colleges Science Conference 
Michael Hallin and Felix OsagieProfessor Alejandro LeguizamoApplying the Confluence Model with Latino Men: Preliminary FindingsAssociation for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA) 
Alec Kalogeropoulos, Alivia DeGrotta, Christopher Neubauer, Brendan Wyllie, Alyssa Foerster, and Elias CarrProfessor Amine GhanemASC Region 1 Commercial CompetitionAssociated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 1
Kevin Noyes , Brendan Smith, Sean Dwyer, George Smith, David Sales, and Jay ForneiroProfessor Jonathan GomesASC Region 1 Competition (Heavy Civil)Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 1
Bailee Amaral, Brooke McErlain, Casey Brennan, and Kyle SlocumProfessor Michael Emmer & Anne AndersonAssociated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 8 International Conference and CompetitionASC Region 8 International Student Competition
Ian Sagers, Patrick Barboza, Scott Bassi, Todd Fournier, and Corey LydonProfessor Lillian JeznachAtmospheric Microplastic Fallout Collector Design and ImplementationNew England Water Works Spring Conference and Exhibition
Sydney J. LauerProfessor Meg CaseBreaking the Rescuer Paradigm in ShrekSigma Tau Delta Convention 2023 (National Honorary Society for English Literature)
Dominique Dame and MacKenzie MaitlandProfessor Adam MooreCareer and Purpose: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study of College Students with DisabilitiesCouncil for Exceptional Children Annual Convention& Expo
Ella MenocheProfessor Anne TaitCarver with a Ripped Apron: Online Exhibition, Vermont Marble MuseumVermont Humanities Grant
Santiago ArmasProfessor Ahmet  AkosmanCentriolic Topologies for Hollow Core Elliptical Negative Curvature FibersIEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference
Samantha SoaresProfessor Victoria Heimer-McGinnCognitive Impairments in a Mouse Model of Bipolar Disorder2023 International Conference on Learning and Memory
Veronica OuelletteProfessor Marcie MarstonComparative Genomic Analysis of Marine Viruses11th Aquatic Virus Workshop (AVW11)
Preston SharrockProfessor Stephen O'SheaComparative In-Situ Spin Trapping of Singlet Oxygen by Natural Fruit Antioxidant MoleculesACS Spring 2023: Crossroads of Chemistry American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition 
Kim Rodrigues, Megan Griswold, and Maeve HaldemanProfessor Garett BermanCreating Clarity Through Impurity!  A Novel Examination of the NRE Database for Mistaken IdentificationsAmerican Psychology-Law Society
Cassandra CerasiaProfessor Christopher BurtnerCRISPR Cas12a Modification of the Rotifer Brachionus PlicatilisACS Spring 2023 Crossroads of Chemistry
Alec Kalogeropoulos, Tanya Gianitsos, Sophia Studley, Guinevere Rhuda, and Luke CareyProfessor Issa RamajiDBIA 2022 Student Competition2022 National Design-Build Student Competition 
Santiago Armas, Joseph Lombardo. Ian Ramirez, and Faisal AlgethmiProfessors Allison Marn and Ahmet AkosmanDesign and Fabrication of Multimode Terahertz Optical Fibers2023 IEEE R1 & R2 Joint Student Conference
Antal LeeProfessor Clifford MurphyDesign and manufacture of electrode sample chambers for electrochemical detection of thiocyanate in salivaACS Spring 2023
Meriel McGovernProfessors Robert Dermody and William PalmDesigning an experimental aquarium system to explore the microbiology of quiescence in the coral Astrangia PoculataNational Collegiate Honors Conference
Hannah MitchellProfessors Brian Wysor and Allex GourlayDetermining Optimal Media and Light Intensity to Culture Margalefidinium Polykrikoides, Rust TideNortheast Algal Symposium
Luke Wing, Luke Calabrese, Patrick Aldrich, Alexander Bertone , Logan Bolarinho, and Lauren DurossProfessor Charles ThomasDevelopment and Fabrication of a Small Scale, Inexpensive Wave TankEastern Colleges Science Conference
Hunter Phillips and Russell QuinnProfessor Ahmet  AkosmanDevelopment of Ultrafast Pulsed Er Fiber Laser with Homemade 2D Graphene Saturable AbsorbersIEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference
Benjamin Carolan and Abigail St. JeanProfessor Brian WysorDNA Barcoding of Crustose Coralline Algae Biodiversity from Reef AquariaNortheast Algal Symposium
Julie GerstnerProfessor Clifford MurphyElectrochemical Sensing of Thiocyanate Ions in Saliva Samples for Early Screening of Potential Oral and Gastric CancersACS Spring 2023
Kristen Marie BlackProfessors Debra A. Mulligan and Charlotte Carrington-FarmerElizabeth O'Farrell:  Putting Women Back in the Irish NarrativePhi Alpha Theta Biennial Conference
Quentin Barry, Bianca Pino, Irem Keskin, Max Noonan, Tyler Pratt, and David Fasolino Professor Maija BenitzEngineering Senior Design Project: Bike-Trailerable Multi-Passenger BoatEastern Colleges Science Conference
Riley ClydeProfessors Robert Dermody and William PalmExamining the Affordability of the Cost of Childcare for Lower-Income FamiliesNational Collegiate Honors Conference
Bianca Pino and Logan BolarinhoProfessor Gordon StewartImpacts of Wind/Wave Misalignment on Wake Meandering of Floating Wind TurbinesNAWEA/Windtech annual conferen
Isabel AugustProfessor Stephen O'SheaInvestigation of Langmuir and Freundlich Adsorption Isotherms of Essential Nutrient Anions (NO2-, NO3-, NH4+, PO43-, and SO42-) by Martian Regolith Simulants and Mount Hope Bay Sediments and Their Impact on Primary Producers' Growth ACS Spring 2023: Crossroads of Chemistry - American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition 
Maggie Stefanowicz Professor Stephen O'SheaInvestigation of Phosphorus Deposition in Mount Hope Bay from Freshwater InputsACS Spring 2023: Crossroads of Chemistry American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition 
Stephanie RiouxProfessors Li-Ling Yang and Maija BenitzKidWind: Impacts of Engaged Engineering Teaching Experience on Elementary Education MajorsNational Conference on Undergraduate Research 2023
Teagan Bellitto Professor Stephen O'SheaMetal Ion Sequestration from Martian Simulant Regolith and Decarbonated Marine Sediment to Establish Their Suitability as Plant Substrate Growth Support ACS Spring 2023: Crossroads of Chemistry (American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition) 
Michael HamlinProfessor Alejandro LeguizamoMoral Foundations Theory and Sex Offender Policy: Explaining Similarities Between Political Ideologies 
Carly FerreiraProfessor Stephen O'SheaMt. Hope Bay Sediment and Martian Regolith Simulant Nutrient Flux Impact on Algal and Diatoms Oxygen Production  ACS Spring 2023: Crossroads of Chemistry American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition 
Zachary Dibacco, Alyssa Foerster, Robert Raine, Jeana Papagno, John Tine, and Matthew SchwartzProfessor Michael EmmerNational Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Student competitionThe National Association of Home Builders
Kristiana CloutierProfessor Kelly BrooksPerceptions of Ingroup Norm-Violators in the Context of COVID-19 Attitudes2023 Convention of the Society for Social and Personality Psychology(SPSP)
Jamie Barthe, Mathew Fortin, Jennifer Kroon, Anderson Lopez, Russell Quinn, and Keith SherryProfessor Ahmet AkosmanPiezoelectric Energy Harvesting from the Hull of a Ship2023 IEEE R1&R2 Joint Student Conference
Mackenzie Conner, Jacob Sugerman, Erica Dube, Will Golembeski, Conor Harrington, and Antal LeeProfessor Allison MarnPortable Microplastic Detection Device2023 IEEE R1 & R2 Joint Student Conference
Addison Boisvert, Anya Firisen, Abigail Sargent, Madeline Nigro, and Alexander Aiken Professor Sargon DonabedProtomythologies and How they Impact the Story of the Wheel of Time/ Creative Project DonationJordancon 2023
Kristen Hearrold, Alexandra Houle, and Elizabeth Van LiewProfessor Denielle EmansRacism Stops With Us: Reimagining Social Change Through Design ResearchN/A
Joshua GallardoProfessor Christopher AndersonReuniting Foundational Figures in Communication with the Education Hierarchy: Matching the People in Our History Books with the University Community of Our StudentsNational Communication Association Annual Conference
Bailee Amaral, Alyssa Foerster, Guinevere Rhuda, Alec Kalogeropoulos, Andrew Piccolo, Daniel Wilson, and Bryce RiccitelliProfessor Anne AndersonRWU Virtual Design & Construction Team – Associated Schools of Construction Regions 6, 7, and Open Student CompetitionAssociated Schools of Construction Regions 6, 7, and Open Student Competition
Callum Robbins, George Higham, Ray Cerro, Victor Larssen, Kyle Haner, and Kieran LearyProfessor Gordon StewardSailboat Mast Mounted Wind TurbineEastern Colleges Science Conference
Hannah BaldwinProfessor Matt ZaitchikSentence Length and Perceptions of Dangerousness as a Function of Race, Attributional Complexity and Ability to Meet Bail  American Psychology-Law Society Annual Conference
Thomas Irvine and Benjamin CarolanProfessor Brian WysorSetting the Baseline: Determining Species Richness of Rhode Island Red Algae using DNA
Northeast Algal Symposium
Niciole TellaProfessor Michael L. HallSexual Assault Prevention EvaluationSARE Center 
Gabriella PoulinProfessor Mina PoursharifiSynthesis and Characterization of Liposomal NPs for Cancer TherapyAmerican Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2023
Olivia Ahlborg, Nicholas Mattia, Bryce Riccitelli, Connor Maguire, and Danny J. Wilson Professor Jung Hyun LeeThe Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 1 Design-Build Student Competition Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 1
Alison  KleinProfessor Bonita CageThe Effect of Parent Closeness on the Relationship Between Mental Health Symptomology and Substance Use Motivations: An Application of Motivational Models of Substance UseMaster degree in Department of Psychology
Megan Griswold, Maeve Haldeman, and Kim RodriguesProfessor Garett BermanWrongful Convictions Are Not Colorblind: An Archival Examination of Exoneree RaceEastern Psychological Association

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