Provost’s Fund for Student Research

Provost’s Fund for Student Research



The Provost’s Fund for Student Research will award up to $50,000 during the coming academic year, with an approximate 70/30 dollar split between two funding rounds.  The purpose of these grants is to encourage students to embark on applied research projects by funding the opportunity to present their work in public forums (priority given to regional and national venues). Under the guidance of a faculty member and working in a focused area, students extend their knowledge and strengthen the skills they have learned in the classroom. The paper or presentation that will share their results should constitute an important achievement that might help them as they apply for future research grants, graduate school or employment.

Nature and scope of the project:

The faculty student collaboration in the project is flexible. The two models that have been used most commonly are:

  • Faculty directed projects where the student works under the faculty member in a substantial way.
  • Student directed projects where the faculty member serves as mentor and advisor.

The funding request:

  • Funding should be targeted at conference/publication/presentation expenses.
  • The final project should carry the student’s name in its final form.
  • The final project should formally acknowledge the support of the University.


  • Application deadline Round 1: October 15th (Awards made on or about Nov. 1st)
  • Application deadline Round 2: February 1st (Awards made on or about Feb. 16th)
  • Grants funds must be expended between November 1st through June 15th of the following year.
  • Student applicants must be in good academic standing
  • Maximum grant amount: $1,200 per student and $1,500 per project. Because funds are limited, they are allocated for the following purposes only (no other expenses will be reimbursed):
  • hotel (sharing in four person rooms where feasible, generally maximum of 3 nights)
  • major transportation (train, flight, mileage)
  • conference fees (including membership, if applicable).