Sample Applications

The RWU Human Subjects Review Board encompasses researchers engaged in a wide-range of project types and a wide range of research methodologies.  To assist with the application process, the HSRB compiles examples of research studies, recognizing the variability inherent in each research protocol and submission.  

Please email to schedule an individual consultation regarding application for a research project, and to address specific questions regarding submission of an HSRB application.

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Basic/Applied Research

Classroom project with research component--Experimental Design

Classroom project with research component--Ethnographic Design

Community Engagement Project

Program Evaluation

Assessment of Teaching and Learning


Completing a Practice Application

To help you to become familiar with the HSRB process, you may choose to complete a practice HSRB application. You may submit as many practice applications as you like.  Practice applications are not reviewed by the HSRB.  Begin your practice application here:

HSRB Practice Application