Important Dates and Forms

The IRB (HSRB) reviews applications on a rolling basis. Exempt and Expedited reviews are typically completed within ten working days of notification, unless considerable revisions are required. If your application requires Full Board review, you should plan to submit your application and documentation at least one week prior to the scheduled board meeting. Please note that the full board meets a minimum of 1 time per semester.  Should you need full board review after the posted meeting date, please contact and submit your application. 

The next IRB (HSRB) Full Board meeting is scheduled for: October 17, 2023

If you have a study that needs full board review after this date, please submit the study for review and the board will schedule an additional review meeting as needed. 

The IRB (HSRB) Application

The document links below contain information you will need in order to complete the online application. Please review the Guidelines for Preparing an application prior to beginning the application.  The guidelines contain information to ensure you have all necessary documentation accessible prior to completing the IRB (HSRB) Application. We have a new submission system (Etrieve) for all Initial Applications.  Please see the Basic Steps and Resources sections of this website for additional details. 

Guidelines for Preparing an RWU HSRB Application

Guidelines for Submitting an Initial RWU HSRB Application via Etrieve

Informed Consent Documents

Researchers should follow the university's templates for Informed Consent documents.  Researchers should download the template and adapt it accordingly for your research study.  The template below includes recommended text by the HSRB.  

Informed Consent Template

The following form is available as a template to assist you in your research study with children (this template is a study taking place at a child's school).

Parental Permission Template

Updating Research Protocols

Researchers are required to notify the IRB (HSRB) of changes in the study and to submit copies of updated materials for our records.  If you have made changes to your original IRB (HSRB) application and/or have updated your research study, please complete the Protocol Change Application. During the Fall 2023, this update will be submitted via Qualtrics. 

Protocol Change Application

IRB (HSRB) approvals remain active for one (1) year from the date of the signed and filed acceptance letter.  Researchers are required to notify the HSRB upon completion of the study.  If you have completed your study or are seeking to extend the activity period for your research, please complete the HSRB Status Report Form. During the Fall 2022, this update will be submitted via Qualtrics. 

HSRB Status Report Form 

Incidents of Concern or Violations of IRB (HSRB) Policies

According to protocols outlined by the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP), the IRB (HSRB) serves as the regulatory body for documenting and investigating concerns and potential ethical violations of the university's policies and of regulations at the federal, state, and local level(s).

The IRB (HSRB) vets concerns regarding research protocols with human participants by individuals within and outside of the RWU community using the IRB (HSRB) Incident Report Form.  The IRB (HSRB) welcomes consultations regarding any of the above protocols and the submission of anonymous questions at 

HSRB Incident Report Form

Co-operating IRB Institutional Agreement

Individuals seeking approval for research affiliated with or previously approved by another organization or institution's IRB should submit documentation using the IRB Authorization Agreement Form.  

OHRP Federal wide Assurance (FWA):  FWA00018407  (exp. 08/27/2024)

IRB Registration:  IORG0007182  (exp. 01/05/2024)

IRB Authorization Agreement