Welcome New Hawks!

🎉You've just made a big decision and we are so excited to welcome you to campus this fall!

This site is your resource for your next steps and important deadlines listed in sequential order to help you complete each task at just the right time as you prepare for arrival. We will send you monthly email reminders to keep you up to date on what you've yet to complete.


Just Committed to RWU?

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Check out the full list to-do's by month listed below ⬇️

If you are a student who has committed to RWU after the start of this timeline, we recommend you navigate through each next step for the month(s) passed until you reach the current month.

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You'll need your RWU login credentials before you can log in and start working on most of the checklist items. 

Our Information Technology department begins setting up your email account and self-service gateway access once they're ready.


Students together

Check out our Reopening Roger website 

Learn how our community came together over the past few years and review the preparations being made for the semester ahead.

Rhode to Roger Q&A (5 p.m. EST)

Passcode: 165028

Tuesday, August 16 - Everything but the Kitchen Sink 
Ask questions and get answers!

Zoom Link

Guide to Navigating RWU Logins
We know that you have a number of new systems to log into as you complete checklist items. We want to make the process as easy as possible, so we've put together a guide with helpful links, login and password information, and tips! 

RWU Login Guide

Our Information Technology department begin setting up your email account and self-service gateway access once you've submitted your enrollment deposit. You will receive an email when your accounts are ready (beginning mid-March and then usually within 1-2 weeks of submitting your enrollment deposit)

Connect with Classmates

We encourage you to join the Class of 2026 Instagram page (students) or Parents and families of RWU Admitted Students for fall 2022 facebook group. Introduce yourself and meet other committed students and families! 

Join the Official Class of 2026 Instagram Page!

Parents and families of RWU admitted students for fall 2022 facebook group 

For the fall, the COVID vaccine is required. The booster is recommended. Masking is optional and testing requirements are still being decided. Vaccine exemptions will be reviewed by submitting the request form. 

☑️ Sign in to RogerCentral (self-service gateway) and RWU Google Apps (student email) accounts 

  • In RogerCentral you will:
    • Register for June Orientation - due May 25th
    • Complete your Academic Placement Assessments  - Check the placement website for guidelines (first-year students) - due May 25th
    • Update your emergency/personal contact information - due May 25th
      • In Roger Central, click User Options > Emergency Information  
    • If you are living on campus, complete your new student housing application. Click here to view all links and instructions for each task.  
      • In Roger Central, click on the Academics Tab > Housing Self-Service Menu.
        • Phase 1 - New Student Housing Application & Contract - Due Friday, July 8
          During this phase of the process, you will A) review the Housing Contract and electronically sign acknowledging you accept the terms and B) complete your housing questionnaire which will help us match you with your first college roommate.
        • Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations - Due Thursday, June 30
          Students needing housing accommodations must review the Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations webpage and follow the outlined instructions.
        • Apply for a Living Learning Community (optional) - Due Friday, July 8
          Learn more about these communities and to apply for them using via our Living Learning Communities webpage.Note: Honors students do not need to apply for the Honors LLC, they will be added by the Honors LLC Program Director.
        • Questions? Email rwuhousing@rwu.edu or call 401-254-3161.
  • Get started on your new student health and immunization forms through the Health Services Patient Portal. - due July 1st
  • Finalize your financial aid - due July 1st
    • Login to RogerCentral, click on Financial Information (icon on left margin) and select Financial Aid. This will automatically bring you to the financial aid portal.
    • Visit studentaid.gov to complete the following:
      • Complete your online loan entrance counseling (if you are taking our loans)
      • Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) – this is the legal document where you agree to the terms of the loan
      • Access our guide to completing entrance counseling and MPN
      • If you have questions, or need help navigating, please reach out to Financial Aid at 401-254-3100 or finaid@rwu.edu.

  • Review your fall semester bill (issued late-May/early June) and start planning your payment options through the RWU Billing Site - payment due July 1st

    Watch our video on how to access your bill, authorize users and setup a payment plan

☑️ Submit final spring semester grades to update your transfer credit evaluation (transfer students)📚 - due Friday, June 3rd

☑️ If applicable, submit any dual enrollment college transcripts for credit evaluation (first-year students)📕 - due Friday, June 3rd


☑️ Attend Orientation (if registered for June)

☑️ Through RogerCentral:

  • If you are living on campus, complete your housing contract, new student housing application, and roommate selection.
    • In Roger Central, click on the Academics Tab > Housing Self-Service Menu.
      • Phase 1 (See list in 'To-Do May').
      • Phase 2 - Roommate Selection (optional) - available Mid-June
        During this phase, you will find and confirm your roommate through the Housing Self-Service Portal. You can bypass this phase if you would like the system to match you based on the answers you provided in your housing application questionnaire.
  • Complete the required health and immunization forms including your COVID vaccination paperwork, located in the Health Services Patient Portal - due July 1st
  • Waive or enroll in the University-provided health insurance (located in the Health Services Patient Portal)
  • Finalize your financial aid - due July 1st
    • Login to RogerCentral, click on Financial Information (icon on left margin) and select Financial Aid. This will automatically bring you to the financial aid portal.
    • Visit studentaid.gov to complete the following:
      • Complete your online loan entrance counseling (if you are taking our loans)
      • Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) – this is the legal document where you agree to the terms of the loan
      • Access our guide to completing entrance counseling and MPN
      • If you have questions, or need help navigating, please reach out to Financial Aid at 401-254-3100 or finaid@rwu.edu.
  • Log in to the RWU Billing Site, review your fall semester bill and finalize your payment options – payment due July 1st.
    Watch our video on how to access your bill, authorize users and setup a payment plan

☑️ Submit any exam scores (such as AP, IB, etc) to be assessed for college credit. - due July 1st

☑️ Submit your official, final, high school transcript showing your graduation date. (first year students) - due July 1st

☑️ If you are a student who will be requesting academic or residential accommodations, register with Student Accessibility Services. Please visit our website to register and upload documentation supporting documentation. If you need to contact SAS directly, please email the office at sas@rwu.edu

☑️ Reminder - Fall Semester Bill is due July 1st

☑️ If you are living on campus, participate in Phase 3 First Year Housing Selection and select your room for the academic year in Roger Central - available mid-July (optional).

  • There are two different types of selection options for students:
    • First Year Single Room Selection - Open Only on Tuesday, July 12 or Thursday, July 14
    • First Year Housing Selection - Opens Monday, July 18 / Closes Friday, July 29

☑️ Complete all  Hawks Online Training Courses. The courses will be available for you at the end of July (on/around July 26th) and throughout the month of August. You will receive an email directly to your RWU email account when the courses are ready for you to complete.

☑️ Start packing your bags!

☑️ If you didn’t attend Orientation in June, attend August Orientation (International and other applicable students)

☑️ Commuters, Transfers, and approved Residential Students, register your vehicle ahead of Campus Check-in

☑️ View your housing assignment and roommate information 

☑️ Campus Check-in for all New Students; residential, commuter, and transfer🏘️

☑️ Move into your residence hall (if you are living on campus)

☑️ Attend Fall Orientation after your arrival to campus 🍂

OfficeContact InfoTopics

Admission Office


Contact your counselor

Athletics Department


Sports and schedules

Bursar Office


Billing and payments

Commuter Student Resources


Commuter Life, Resources, Transportation & Parking Info

Financial Aid Office


Aid and loan questions

Health Services


Health insurance and immunization forms

Information Technology


Technology questions and support

Intercultural Center


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Student Programs, Leadership & Orientation


Orientation programs, Student Engagement with clubs, Organizations, and Student Events

Registrar's Office


Transcripts, AP, IB, and dual enrollment courses

Residence Life & Housing



Housing assignments and Living Learning Communities


Center for Student Academic Success

Contact InfoTopics
Academic Placement Assessments

Angela Raymond

Academic placement tests

Advising and Peer Mentorship

Elizabeth Niemeyer

Class Schedules and general advising

International Scholar and Student Services

Allison Chase Padula

Immigration, transition, and advising support to students who identify as international students

Student Accessibility Services

Laura Choiniere

General support for students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, and medical conditions

Tutoring Center

Karen Bilotti

Tutoring support for academic coursework, tutor recruitment



Below you will find a link to our Laptop requirements for our New Students, based on the program they are enrolling in.

RWU Computer Hardware Standards/Recommendations


Additional Laptop Requirements by Major (if applicable):

Communication, Graphic Design and Web Development 

Construction Management


🎒 Academic Supplies ✏️ 

The following is a list of recommended academic supplies for students of all majors. 

  • Backpack/bag to carry books & supplies
  • Computer & accessories       
  • Remember, you can download Microsoft Office for FREE!  Click here for downloading instructions.  Also, remember that printing is free in the Main University Library, 1st floor.
  • Phone charger
  • Calendar/day planner (print or electronic or both- your preference)
  • White board for your room or desk calendar for outlining assignment due dates
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • 2 inch Binder with filler paper
  • Writing Utensils (pens, pencils, pencil sharpener)
  • White out
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors
  • Stapler & Staples
  • Scotch Tape
  • Paper clips
  • Index Cards
  • Sticky Notes (various sizes)
  • Calculator (if taking quantitative courses). Students may need scientific or specialized depending on major. Students in SECCM should have a scientific calculator, TI-82 or better. 

📚 Books & other materials required by class
The faculty teaching your classes will let you know what is required/recommended on your syllabus.  Architecture students have been notified of the materials they will need through a list provided at orientation. 

It is a personal preference on whether you would like to order your books and other materials before classes start or wait to see what the faculty member suggest when classes start. See below for a few ways you will be able to find your required course materials.

RWU Bookstore

  1. Go to the following web page, www.rwu.bncollege.com
    🗺️ Use this document as a handy guide to navigating the step below.
  2. Click on the Course Materials & Textbooks drop down tab
  3. Click on Find Course Materials
  4. You can select either Sign In or Search Now.
    ☑️ If you select Sign In, login with the RWU credentials (example: Jsmith1234@g.rwu.edu, password is the same as your Roger Central). After signing in, you will be able to view a list specialized for your registered fall classes.
    ☑️ If you select Search Now, you will complete the information requested and select Retrieve Material .  Example Term: Fall 2022 > Department: CORE (or whatever subject you are searching for) > Course #: 105 > Section: 03

You can also find information about your books in RWU Bridges:

  1. Visit rwu.edu.  At the very bottom of the page, click on “Bridges.”
  2. Log in to your Bridges account.
  3. You will see your courses in the top blue band. If an instructor has not published their course yet, you will not see the course. Some instructors might not publish their courses until shortly before classes start.
  4. If you can see the course, click on the name of the course
  5. On the left side of the course page, you will see a list of tabs. Click on the “Books and Supplies” tab and/or the “Syllabus” tab. Because instructors are able to customize the list of tabs, some instructors might remove some tabs.
  6. If the instructor has posted a book and materials list and/or a syllabus, you will find that list in either place (on the “Books and Supplies” page or within the Syllabus document).

Please make sure you've complete or have submitted the following items, before arriving for check-in. 

💉  Have your vaccination card on file. In RogerCentral, click on the Academics Tab > Student Planning menu to find the Health Services Patient Portal. Please skip this step if you have an approved exception request. 

🩺  Complete all necessary health forms. Log in to the Health Services Patient Portal to submit. In RogerCentral, click Academics > Student Planning Menu > Health Service Patient Portal.

☑️  Financial clearance (no outstanding balances). 
     ✔️ View your balance in RogerCentral, click Financial Information > RWU Student Account Center.  Bursar's Office at 401-254-3520 or bursar@rwu.edu
     ✔️To finalize your financial aid, in RogerCentral, click Financial Information > Financial Aid. Contact Financial Aid with any questions at 1-800-458-7144, Ext. 3100 or finaid@rwu.edu

☑️  Complete RWU Hawks Online Training (EverFi) training modules sent to you via your RWU email on July 25th, subject line, Notification of RWU ‘Hawks Online Orientation’ Courses for New Students.

🖨️ Sign and complete your Roger’s Compact You can complete this through housing self-service located in Roger Central Academic's Menu. Once in housing self-service, look under Forms & Applications. You can also view the RWU community pledge here

🗓️ Review the Fall Orientation schedule. As a reminder Fall Orientation is required for all students and you will not need to register for this session.

📱Download the GET app for access to your meal plan and Hawk Dollars. 

📚 Submit final spring 2022 semester grades to update your transfer credit evaluation (transfer students)

📚 Submit your official, final, high school transcript showing your graduation date (first year students)

When you complete all of these items, ahead of arriving to campus, you'll help us cut down on wait times. However, please understand, lines at check-in may be long at times. We will have several faculty and staff on-hand to answer questions while in line. While you are waiting, we encourage you to introduce yourself to fellow Hawks and start making connections!

We know the college finance process and options can be overwhelming. We're here to help and walk you through your available options. Set up a time to virtually meet with a financial aid counselor for guidance around all the next steps and advice on applying for loans. We find it’s helpful to do this as early as possible.

Register for a virtual appointment today with your Financial Aid Counselor:

Student Last Name Begins WithAid Counselor
A-EMichelle Cordeiro
F-OAlyssa Saada
P-ZGina Rigby
Transfer studentsGina Rigby

Questions or can't find an appointment time that works for you? Contact us at finaid@rwu.edu or 401-254-3100 and we'd be happy to help!

Stay Connected With Us!

As you progress through these next steps, stay connected and feel free to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admission (admit@rwu.edu or 401-254-3500) anytime! 😀