5 Reasons It May Be Time to Transfer

Coming to terms with the fact that your college choice may not be working out the way you imagined is not easy. In fact, nationally 37% of students will transfer colleges at least once in pursuit of their degree.

Life is about evolving, making choices, learning from them, and adjusting. So, how do you know if it’s time to transfer?

Reason 5: It’s not the "right fit" you thought it would be. Your personal well-being is critical to your academic success: the physical, social, and emotional. If you’re not happy and comfortable in your setting, you’re not working at your best capacity. It might sound silly, but a city person may not function at their peak in a rural environment and vice versa. That “completely different” experience you thought you wanted may prove to be far out of line with your natural fit.

image of RWU student concentrating in classReason 4: You have changed your mind about your major and career plans. College is about discovering your talents and passions. What you thought you wanted in high school may not be what you want after you’ve had some time to grow and mature. If your college doesn’t offer this program, you shouldn’t settle for something else.

Reason 3: It’s too hard or too easy. Something clicked in a way it hadn’t before, and the academic challenge you need is not there. Or, maybe the demands are higher than you anticipated. The expectations of college can be very different from high school. College should be a place to find your groove. If you’re not in it, that’s a sign that you’re either ready for more, or would be better suited in a different academic environment.

Reason 2: You stretched to afford your top choice college, but in reality, the investment for you and your family is not the right fit for the long term. Whether your personal or family economic situation has changed, your intended career path and expected salary has changed, or you’ve gained different post-high school perspective, you may feel that you’ve over-borrowed and now need to course-correct.

Reason 1: The you who you were in high school is not the you who you are now. It’s really not as esoteric as it sounds. One of the whole points of college is to find yourself, to break out of your shell, to realize what you want out of life. That realization might point you in a different direction because you’ve changed. And that’s totally OK. In fact, that’s the whole point.

Ultimately, all five reasons tie back to fit: campus and setting, major and career, academic, financial, and you.

Has reading this encouraged you to reflect and you’d like to learn more about how RWU might be a fit, and what our transfer process looks like?

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