How to Choose a Program

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Whether you're considering going abroad for a semester, a summer session, a winter term or an academic year, you literally have the world available to you!

RWU’s semester programs in Florence and London provide carefully structured opportunities for academic study and cultural immersion in these two monumental cities. Additionally, we’ve developed formal affiliations with a select list of nationally recognized program providers that deliver profound academic and cultural immersion experiences on five different continents.

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Which Program is Best for Me?

Depending upon your particular geographical interest and field of study, you have a choice between traditional university-based programs abroad, culturally immersive programs and discipline-specific programs.  Several study abroad programs offer students internship and service learning opportunities as well.

Students high five children.Semester option not for you? Not to worry, our short term programs can take you to places like England, Spain, Chile, Ireland, Morocco or Belize (and we’re expanding these options…stay tuned for more!)

Take a moment to reflect on your academic and personal desires and preferences. Not all programs are appropriate for every student. Are you adventurous? Maybe a culturally immersive or language-based program would work best for you. Would you prefer a more structured program that offers traditional classroom settings? Then you should look into conventional-type programs. Here are some more questions to ask yourself to determine what type of program you should consider:

  • Would you prefer a university setting or a more intimate and personal setting?
  • Do you need to take courses to fulfill major, minor and/or Core Concentration requirements?
  • Do you prefer to live in a large city or a small town?
  • Would you prefer to live with a host family? In an apartment? In a dormitory?
  • Which study model will work best for you? Independent or one similar to the U.S.?

In most cases, students can maximize their semester experience abroad by satisfying a Core Concentration in International Studies. Please consult the guidelines for completion of this core concentration.

These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself before you decide where you want to study.

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