Financial Aid

The University’s effort to maintain an active and equitable program of financial assistance applies fully to all RWU students enrolled in Roger Williams University-sponsored and approved affiliated semester or year-long study abroad programs.

Students interested in study abroad programs should meet immediately with a financial aid advisor to complete the necessary forms other than the FAFSA and to submit signed copies of their federal income tax form and that of their parents.

All payment options described in the University Catalog may be applied to study abroad programs. Questions may be directed to the Office of the Bursar at (401) 254-3520.

No student placed on academic suspension is eligible for financial aid. Students receiving financial aid who do not meet the minimum requirements as outlined under the Rate of Progress in the University Catalog shall not be awarded financial aid.

A student must be an accepted, full-time matriculated Roger Williams University day student in order to be considered for financial aid.

Tuition Remission & Tuition Exchange Programs

Most of the Education Abroad Programs are not eligible for tuition remission or tuition exchange.  Please check with the Spiegel Center for any exceptions. Students may apply for financial aid and determination will be based upon demonstrated need and academic performance.

Academic Scholarship, Grants & Awards

Roger Williams University academic scholarships, grants and awards are applied to nearly all of the RWU-sponsored and approved affiliate study abroad programs.  Students are encouraged to check with the Spiegel Center for current exceptions.  Academic scholarships, grants and awards are not available to students who are not full-time, matriculated Roger Williams University students.  Scholarship application materials will be started when you start your study abroad program application.