Develop high-demand skills in web development, design and data analysis by studying eBusiness at RWU. Through hands-on coursework in computer science combined with studies in communications and marketing theory, you’ll learn how to create websites that engage visitors and effectively communicate your client’s message in their content, branding and technology.

The eBusiness Minor

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The eBusiness minor is a hands-on program designed to enhance a student’s ability to express ideas and conduct business using the World Wide Web. Students learn how to combine communications and marketing theory with Web building technology and graphic design principles to create Web sites that engage the visitor and effectively communicate the intended message.

Requirements: Any six of the following:

CIS206Introduction to Web Development 
CIS306Creating Expressive Websites 
CIS350Geographic Analysis of Data: An Introduction to GIS 
A CIS elective at the 200-level or above
COMM101Introduction to Mass Media 
DSGN100Introduction to Design Communication 
MRKT200Marketing Principles