Department of Anthropology + Sociology

The Department of Anthropology + Sociology provides an enriching learning experience for students interested in focusing their studies on sociocultural components of human behavior

The Department of Anthropology + Sociology focuses on two social science disciplines together, as anthropology and sociology both examine social groups, culture, and community on a local and global scale to help make sense of the changing world.

Hallmarks of the learning opportunities the department provide include hands-on research, the study of diverse cultures and groups, study of social change, focus on controversial political, social, and economic issues and finally, attention to the diversity of human behavior and experience. An undergraduate degree in Anthropology + Sociology can prepare a student for work in community outreach, social services, the non-profit sector, education and for-profit sectors. Students will also have the foundation to continue their education in a range of disciplines including but not limited to: anthropology, sociology, law, medicine and public policy.

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Faculty and Staff

The Department of Anthropology + Sociology boasts an esteemed faculty of experienced and credentialed practitioners. Both inside and outside the classroom they are directly involved with all aspects of educating our students.

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Degree Offerings

Our unique Anthropology + Sociology program combines the ideas and methods of these two social sciences into an integrated study of social change, diversity and cultural awareness, both locally and globally. Students receive a dynamic education and build strong hands-on research skills to prepare for a career in community, social service, or for-profit initiatives, or to seek an advanced degree.

Anthony Steed

Finding Answers To Big Issues

Anthony Steed, RWU Class of 2024
Anthropology + Sociology

Anthropology + Sociology gives me answers to questions about society and culture. I am interested in issues like colorism, socio-economic status, and inequality. All of these issues often feel ‘too big’ to answer. Anthropology + Sociology gives me tools and research to help me come up with answers on these big issues on my own. This major helps you break down any part of society to see how things are the way they are, and then work backwards – to help contribute to fixing these bigger issues, like inequality, from the ground up.

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From introductory courses to advanced ones, students explore the sociocultural components of human behavior.

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Student Research and Community Engagement

Our research and engagement center allows students the opportunity to get involved in local and global research and engagement projects.

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