Making an Impact

Samantha Gregory
Samantha Gregory '23

Samantha Gregory, RWU Class of 2023

Majors:  Psychology + Educational Studies

"I transferred to RWU from a large institution after realizing that I was a student who wanted to be more involved and to feel closer to my peers. One of my friends went to RWU and told me how much he loved it, after he gave me a tour of campus & I got the chance to learn about all the academics and extracurriculars RWU offers, I knew it was the place for me! The beautiful location & its students helped me feel more comfortable in my choice to transfer.

The admissions staff was extremely kind and understanding when helping me through the stress that can come with transferring institutions. I was nervous at first to start the process of leaving my former university, but the admissions staff helped make the transition seamless. Transfer orientation helped me meet students who were going through the same process and it helped me feel more comfortable at the university. My best friends from RWU are the people I met during my orientation!

When first transferring to RWU, I had help to construct a schedule that would put me on the right track to fulfill the university’s requirements to graduate. Transferring credits from my previous university was easy; I was able to explain each class I took at the previous university and substitute specific classes offered at RWU on my transcript, so all my previous course credits counted!

For me, the best part about attending RWU is the wide variety of opportunities that the university provides for students. I ran for my class’ president a short time after coming to Roger and have since taken on the role, this provided me with opportunities to strengthen my leadership skills and become more connected with my class. From classes to involvement through clubs and organizations, RWU offers something for everyone. I would recommend joining a club or sports team to any new student!

My favorite thing to do in Bristol is to watch the sunsets at Colt State Park with some food from The Wave! It’s the perfect place to take your mind off academics and to relax by yourself or with friends. Other than that, I love using the bike path that stretches along most of the town and beyond!"