Spotlight on an ANSOC Major

Tobias Pydych

Tobias Pydych, RWU Class of 2023

Major:  Anthropology + Sociology

How did you decide to major in Anthropology + Sociology?

I took a sociology class in high school, and I liked it. I declared ANSOC as a major coming in, but I did not think that I would stick with it. As a freshman I thought college was about majoring in something that had a concrete outcome, like Marketing or Business. But, I stayed in the major and I now I feel more passionate about it. I see that there are career opportunities with it.

What interests you the most about anthropology and sociology?

I like being able to use it in everyday life. Wherever there are people there are opportunities for anthropology and sociology. It has given me the opportunity to think more critically.

Favorite Class:

Cities and Society

Do you have any thoughts on your upcoming required senior thesis?

I am not sure yet. I have a few ideas. I am interested in gender and think it would be interesting to study masculinity and barber shops. I also think doing a study on Beer Culture, focusing on craft breweries and the shifts in beer culture would be interesting too.

What else are you doing at RWU?

I do a lot of photography on my own. I am on the RWU Men’s Volleyball club. I recently went on a Study Abroad trip to Greece through RWU. I love all sports, and like hiking.

Any ideas about life after RWU?

I think I would really like to pursue a PhD in sociology. I am not applying this year. I am going to take a year off first, as I want to travel more beforehand.

What is your advice for incoming students and underclassmen?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and do what you are passionate about.