Embodying a Reporter

A headshot of Chelsea Boulrisse, Class of 2016
Chelsea Boulrisse '16

Chelsea Boulrisse, RWU Class of 2016

Major:  Journalism

When Chelsea Boulrisse – originally from Bourne, Massachusetts – landed a job in Wabash, Indiana as a reporter, she knew her first months would be spent establishing herself as a trusted journalist in the community. With her comprehensive degree from RWU, Boulrisse – after a few short months of delivering accurate, reliable stories and forming relationships within the town – did just that.

Boulrisse says her success was, in large part, thanks to her education at Roger Williams University where she didn't just learn the technical skills that reporters must have - like great writing - but also "learned to embody a reporter." She learned essential skills like sourcing stories, building relationships, interviewing and conducting herself in an ethical manner. Professors encouraged her to be fearless and take risks with her stories, and to continue dig until she got the complete story so she could deliver it to the public using a variety of different platforms.

"Professors taught us to make stories come alive through sounds and visuals. They knew who we were. They watched us grow and wanted to see us succeed."

At RWU, she learned to be a complete journalist, she says. And that has poised her for success anywhere.