First Responder to Cyber Attacks

Headshot of Anthony Mosesso
“I started as an intern at HubSpot when I was finishing my last semester. I was able to apply my studying to my internship, then I parlayed that into a full-time position. I’ve had two promotions after that.” - Anthony Mosesso '18

Anthony Mosesso, RWU Class of 2018

Major:  Cybersecurity & Networking
Minor:  Political Science

Anthony Mosesso '18 works to protect customers and coworkers from online phishing attacks by scammers looking to steal credit card, bank account, and other sensitive information. He works for HubSpot, a major software company, as a Security Operations Analyst. In this role, Mosesso is a first-responder to cyber attacks.

“The HubSpot platform allows people to send out emails, so one of the things I’m heavily involved in is preventing people from signing up with free accounts and sending out phishing emails,” said Mosesso. “We’ve had to implement content scanning to help identify when that content comes up and prevent it from being deployed before people can enter their credentials.”

Mosesso started his career at HubSpot as an intern during his last semester at RWU. He found that his classes prepared him well for the task, and was able to directly apply what he was learning in his studies to the work.

“My professors would show us what the textbook said, but then also show us how it really was in the real world. We learned what’s expected of you and how to go about communicating and looking for vulnerabilities. I’d say that the real-world experience at Roger Williams was a key to where I am now,” said Mosesso.

After his internship, Mosesso was hired for a full-time position at HubSpot, and has since received two promotions. As his career develops, he looks forward to branching out and experiencing more of the world of Cybersecurity.

“The degree I got from Roger Williams enabled me to branch out into different career paths. I can dip my toe in lots of different topics like incident response and software engineering,” said Mossesso.