Medical Amnesty Policy

The University is dedicated to creating a community of educated individuals focused on personal responsibility and sound decision making. Roger Williams is committed to providing guidance so that students can learn to develop a responsible approach to social challenges.

The University encourages students to take care of their personal health and wellbeing and to behave in an equally caring way with their peers. There may be times when students face medical emergencies involving excessive drinking and/or drug use. As in such cases, if an individual seeks medical attention due to a medical emergency, the Office of Student Conduct Conflict Resolution will not pursue disciplinary sanctions against the student for consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs.

Medical Amnesty applies only to the possession or consumption of alcohol and drugs. It does not preclude disciplinary sanctions due to any other violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Other such violations include, but are not limited to, assault, property damage or distribution of illicit substances. Additionally, the Policy does not prevent action by police, other law enforcement personnel, or other third parties.

Roger Williams University Medical Amnesty Policy is applicable to:

  • A student requesting medical assistance for oneself
  • A student(s) seeking medical assistance for another person
  • A student for whom medical assistance was sought

If a student/group calls on behalf of another student, that student/group is required to remain with the student experiencing the emergency until medical attention arrives. Medical Amnesty will not be granted to students who do not seek medical assistance, and that students who are confronted by University staff or another third party will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for disciplinary action.

The student needing medical assistance will be required to meet with the Director of Health Education or designee and in lieu of disciplinary sanctions, may be expected to complete the following:

  • A meeting with another educational referral
  • Responsibility for costs associated with hospital transportation, treatment, assessment, or damage
  • Parental or emergency contact notification

As long as the student seeking Medical Amnesty complies with all directives, there will be no disciplinary action taken related to a violation of possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Medical Amnesty is not intended to shield students or organizations in cases of extreme, flagrant, and repeated incidents. In cases where extreme, flagrant or repeated violations of the Code of Student Conduct occur, the University reserves the right to take disciplinary action on a case-by-case basis regardless of the manner in which the incident was reported. In each case, the AVP/Dean of Students or designee will make the final determination as to the applicability of this provision. In the case of any emergency involving alcohol or other drugs, call University Public Safety at (401) 254-3333 immediately for emergency medical assistance.

Administratively revised August 2023.

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