Cummings School of Architecture

The Cummings School of Architecture provides a balanced education for students seeking to design and maintain our built and cultural environments.

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RWU Announces Historic $20M Partnership with Cummings Foundation   

In recognition of this transformative philanthropic partnership between RWU and Cummings Foundation, President Ioannis N. Miaoulis announced on April 6 that our School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation will be rededicated as the Cummings School of Architecture (Cummings School), along with the launch of the Cummings Institute for Real Estate, to honor a real estate trailblazer who will inspire RWU students pursuing similar career trajectories. This is one of the largest partnerships with Cummings Foundation outside of Massachusetts, where the Foundation is headquartered, and where Bill and Joyce Cummings have primarily focused their philanthropy. 

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  • 97%
    Placement of 2020 Grads

    Even with the challenges of the pandemic, our 2020 Cummings School of Architecture graduates found success in employment or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

  • Save 1 Year
    With Our Accelerated Master’s Degree

    Our students have the opportunity to efficiently earn an M-Arch degree in 5½ years with the highest, most prestigious accreditation.

  • 100%
    Internship Certainty

    Cummings School of Architecture students participate in the Career Investment Program, providing paid student assistantships on or off campus, with firms, organizations and government agencies.

Student working on a rendering.

Academic Programs

The Cummings School of Architecture offers an array of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs, as well as joint degree programs and minors. We also offer several non-degree special programs. Our Master of Architecture program is fully NAAB-accredited

Student presenting design work.


The Cummings School of Architecture is a community of students, faculty, industry experts and life-long learners. Learn more about the people who make up our school community.

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Our facilities foster creativity, learning, and teamwork. We offer design studio space, gallery space, computer and materials labs, seminar and lecture rooms, a comprehensive architecture library, and many more resources our students can utilize.

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Student work example

Student Work

Our courses and projects foster creativity, learning, teamwork, and it shows in the work produced. Work samples here include work from studios, required courses, and internships.

Student Portfolios
Student creating a 3D model.

Career Investment Program

Through our Centers and Initiatives, students and faculty work with local and global communities through collaborative project proposals and research opportunities. Additionally, students can leave their mark on campus by implementing the installation of student and faculty artwork. 

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News and Events

Keep up with the latest news and events coming from the Cummings School of Architecture. Learn about our current students, alumni, programs, upcoming lectures or exhibits, and more.

Cummings Institute for Real Estate

In a unique multidisciplinary Real Estate Program, RWU is combining architecture, preservation, construction management, engineering, business, law, public administration and leadership, humanities and science into a powerful new curriculum that prepares graduates with expansive skillsets and perspectives to meet the multi-faceted challenges of real estate.

Our Real Estate program will offer degrees, minors, and certificates, with graduate certificates coming for 2022 and undergraduate and graduate degree programs for 2023.

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Headshot of Juan Osorio

Designing a Positive Experience

Juan Osorio, RWU Class of 2019, 2020M

Juan Osorio ’19, ‘20M was inspired to enter the field of architecture by his grandfather and his Colombian roots. Now, he works as an architectural designer at Summit Design and Engineering Services in Cary, North Carolina.

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