RWU Announces $20 Million Partnership with Cummings Foundation 

The Cummings School

Roger Williams University announces a historic $20 million partnership with Cummings Foundation.   
In recognition of this transformative philanthropic partnership between RWU and Cummings Foundation — the largest in Roger Williams’ history — President Ioannis N. Miaoulis announced on Wednesday, April 6, that our School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation will be rededicated as the Cummings School of Architecture (Cummings School), along with the launch of the Cummings Institute for Real Estate, to honor a real estate trailblazer who will inspire RWU students pursuing similar career trajectories.  

image of an RWU Architecture student presenting a project

Shared Vision: RWU & Cummings Foundation

"RWU is dedicated to building a thriving workforce across all industries and providing real-world learning opportunities for its students to have community impact throughout their careers. That kind of entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what is needed to be successful in work and life, and it aligns so naturally with our mission at Cummings Foundation to promote and empower the social and economic inclusion of all. President Miaoulis has a compelling and powerful vision for RWU and its students, and Cummings Foundation is excited to be a partner in this growth over the years ahead."

Bill Cummings, founder, Cummings Foundation and Cummings Properties

image of Bill & Joyce Cummings

About Cummings Foundation

This is one of the largest partnerships with Cummings Foundation outside of Massachusetts, where the Foundation is headquartered, and where Bill and Joyce Cummings have primarily focused their philanthropy. It also marks their first university partnership that recognizes Bill Cummings’ distinguished career as a real estate entrepreneur and founder of the North Shore’s leading firm, Cummings Properties. Cummings Foundation was established in 1986 primarily to enhance the Massachusetts communities where Cummings Properties operates commercial buildings. It has since grown to become one of the three largest private foundations in New England.   

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portrait of RWU President Ioannis Miaoulis

Reflecting On Cummings' Legacy

"Powered by this historic partnership, the Cummings School of Architecture will serve as a catalyst for the university’s continued and growing success in preparing our students to be leaders in all facets of sustainable and equitable design, preservation, and development at the intersection of the natural and built environments. Expanding our existing world-class Architecture and Preservation programs with new depth and breadth of Real Estate education aligns perfectly with Bill’s professional legacy and the entrepreneurial spirit of Bill and the entire Cummings Foundation. This is a first-in-the nation program to offer such a distinctive combination of architecture, real estate, preservation and planning bolstered by further integration with business, legal, construction and engineering expertise across the university."

 – RWU President Ioannis N. Miaoulis 

portrait of SAAHP Dean Steve White in his office

Teaching Firm in Residence Brings Practitioners to Students

"The philanthropy and expertise of Cummings Foundation will continue to expand the reach and quality of our existing programs as well as add immediate distinction to our emerging Real Estate initiatives. Cummings Properties has been a valued collaborator with our Architecture design studios, internships and career placements, and with several of our Teaching Firms in Residence  for years. The Cummings School will add new significance and potential for our students, faculty, programs and partners – and for the quality of the environment overall." 

Steve White, dean of the Cummings School of Architecture

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RWU Real Estate Program: A Powerful Multidisciplinary Curriculum

In a powerful multidisciplinary Real Estate program launched through the Cummings Institute for Real Estate, RWU is combining architecture, historic preservation, construction management, engineering, business, and law into a powerful new curriculum that prepares graduates with an expansive skillset to meet the challenges of the multi-faceted real estate professions. 

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