Designing a Positive Experience

Headshot of Juan Osorio

Juan Osorio, RWU Class of 2019, 2020M


Juan Osorio ’19, ‘20M was inspired to enter the field of architecture as a way to make a difference to his community. Now, he works as an architectural designer at Summit Design and Engineering Services in Cary, North Carolina. 

“My family is from Colombia. When I visited, I fell in love with a different type of architecture,” said Osorio. 

Osorio was motivated to take the strengths of Colombian architecture and bring in intentional design to help everyday people. At RWU, his thesis focused on creating a prototype for a hospital that supports patients as well as their friends and family. 

"The idea of my thesis was creating a more positive experience for friends and family, focusing on their psychology and how the architecture can help encourage and influence people to make them feel more comfortable,” said Osorio. 

During his time at RWU, Osorio interned for Gensler Architects, one of the biggest firms in the world. He made connections with their office in Colombia, and was able to get their feedback on his thesis. One of Osorio’s long-term career goals is to work internationally.

After graduation, Osorio was hired by Summit Design and Engineering. The firm focuses on sustainable design, which Osorio plans to center throughout his career. Every day, Osorio builds upon the skills and techniques he learned at RWU, including architectural design, revision, and modeling. He has also been asked to help improve his firm's architecture department by contributing his perspective and expertise.

"Summit offers almost all of what is involved in construction, and their architecture department is only five or six years old. Everyone encouraged me to help them figure out new ideas, different programs, and to increase their sustainability.  It is really interesting to be able to take part in it. The experience makes me grow," he said. 

Osorio says that his experience at RWU prepared him well to take on the challenges of his career. As he transitioned into the workforce, he found that architecture firms held his educational background in high regard. 

“I’ve learned more and more that Roger’s architecture program is really good. We are competitive against really big schools. I heard from firms that we are better prepared,” he said.