The President

Since joining Roger Williams University in 2011, President Donald J. Farish has led the university in challenging the status quo in higher education on the vitally important issues of educational innovation, college affordability and finding solutions to the problems that matter most to society.

Donald J. Farish, the 10th President of RWU.

A celebrated academic leader with 50 years of experience in higher education, President Farish’s first priority was to significantly expand experiential learning as the cornerstone of a Roger Williams education. Whether it’s students collaborating on research with faculty members or leading community-engaged projects themselves, every qualified student is guaranteed hands-on learning opportunities that bridge theory and practice while helping to address problems for the local and global communities we serve.

That philosophy of leveraging the expertise and energy of our students, faculty and staff toward the greater good is at the heart of what we do. As a private institution with a public purpose, President Farish is guiding the collective effort of the entire campus community to build the university the world needs today.

Affordable Excellence

In order to do that, President Farish led the charge in tackling head-on the issues of cost, debt and job-preparedness for college graduates. Since the launch of the Affordable Excellence initiative in 2012, RWU has made significant investments in faculty, facilities and technology, while holding the line on costs through a tuition guarantee.

Values, Purpose & Mission

In 2014, President Farish commenced the Vision Project, an ambitious, campus-wide undertaking to define the core values, purpose and mission of Roger Williams University.

Revolutionary Philosophy

With the Vision Project serving as a roadmap, a year later the university launched Roger’s Revolution – a commitment to provide 100 percent of our graduates with engaged, hands-on workforce experience through partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the people and economy of Rhode Island.

Backed by the support of university trustees, faculty and staff, President Farish is leading the way in equipping our students for success beyond the classroom.