Safety Notices

December 2022
Heating and Holiday Decoration Safety Reminders

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RWU Environmental Health and Safety would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season. Please review the following seasonal safety reminders:

Reporting Heating System Issues

We are in “heating season” in our campus buildings. If your heating system is not working properly, or if the temperature is too low/too high for your personal comfort, please contact RWU Facilities Management by calling 401-254-3136 or submitting a work order. Please contact RWU Public Safety in the event of a heating-related emergency (such as a system failure) if it is after hours or on the weekend (401-254-3333).

Reminder Regarding Portable Electric Heaters

Portable electric heaters are a potential fire hazard if not utilized properly and should not be used in lieu of the building’s heating system. Portable electric heaters are not intended for use as a permanent heating appliance. Approved portable electric heaters are intended to temporarily supplement an office area’s heating needs until a permanent solution to correct the area’s heating problem is identified, or as an authorized emergency use measure when a building’s normal heating system fails.

Reminder Regarding Open Flames

  • The use of candles, incense, and oil lamps are not permitted anywhere on campus.
  • Open flames are only permitted in laboratories and kitchen facilities under proper supervision (RWU Portable Heater and Open Flame Policy).

Reminder Regarding Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can make the holiday season more festive, but they can also pose serious fire and life safety hazards if they are not carefully chosen and displayed. Please review the Student Handbook and Portable Heater and Open Flame Policy for a full list of requirements and restrictions. The following reminder list applies campus-wide:

Items Not Permitted:

  • Incense, candles, oil lamps
  • Live or cut trees or wreaths
  • Fog machines
  • Non-fire-retardant artificial trees or wreaths
  • Non-UL-Listed decorative lighting

Actions Not Permitted:

  • Hanging items from or attaching items to the ceiling or the outside of the building (including decorative lights)
  • Blocking or covering windows or “wrapping” doors
  • Putting up posters, tapestries, or other decorations on room doors, egress doors, ceilings, corridors, and stairways
  • Stringing together electrical cords
  • Hanging decorative lights in the hallway

Allowed if Criteria Met:

  • Decorations that are fire retardant and are safely displayed – away from doors, windows, electrical equipment, sources of heat, and fire safety equipment (including pull stations, extinguishers, sprinkler heads, etc.)
  • Decorative lights that are UL listed, in good condition, that are unplugged or turned off when the occupant leaves the room