Maple Residential Community

Centrally located, Maple is the ideal location for those who want to be right in the middle of the campus life.


  • Situated near the center of campus, Maple is the ideal location for those who want a short walk to Lower Commons for a late-night study break or prefer a quick commute to the classroom.
  • Maple units are structured as small clusters of 17 rooms centered on a lounge with several couches, tables, chairs, and a flat-screen TV.
  • Every room in the community is furnished with a bed, bureau, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe suitable for the number of people in the room. Each room comes equipped with cable and data hook-up and the whole building is wireless-ready.
  • Each restroom is designated as a single-use restroom, which means you can close the door and lock it behind you. It’s kind of like being in the comfort of your own home.
  • There are two laundry rooms, located in the basement of the 4/5 tower and the basement of the 9/10/11 tower. There are also vending machines located in the 4/5 and 9/10/11 towers.


Maple has thirteen units. Most units house 26 residents in eight single and nine double rooms. The unit is divided into four sections, three with two singles and two doubles and one with three doubles. There are two sections on the left of the common room, and two sections on the right. There are also two singles on the same level as the common room. Each unit has its own common room with a large TV that is connected to the campus’ cable TV network.


The Maple Residential Community staff is comprised of the Maple Area Coordinator, a Graduate Community Director, one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), and 12 Resident Assistants (RA). The Maple Area Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operation of the community, including supervision of the residential staff. There is one RA per unit and they live in the first room to either the right or left as you enter the unit.

Student Resource Centers

Maple Residential Community is home to the campus Intercultural Center and the Queer and Trans Resource Center (QTRAC). 

The Intercultural Center  is a resource we offer that gives life to that vision by providing a student-centered space with the motto “Welcoming people of all nationalities, faiths and personal identities.” Distinct from universities that organize their offices around separate social identities, the Intercultural Center provides a common space that houses staff with expertise in multicultural, international and LGBTQ student affairs. Together this group offers interfaith activities to help students receive spiritual support and gain religious literacy.

The Queer and Trans Resource Center (QTRAC) houses our LGBTQIAP+ student club, Sexuality and Gender Alliance (S.A.G.A.) and two clubs that are committed to various issues facing women in the world, FEM Society, and the Women's Collective.