Stonewall Terrace

Stonewall, a south campus residence hall, is home to a mix of students from all years. It's also the home of our honors students.

Living at Stonewall


  • Four, three-story buildings comprise our newest South Campus residence hall.
  • Stonewall Terrace houses approximately 450 residents in a suite style arrangement. There are four suites on each floor with each suite containing a common lounge with a common bathroom.
  • Each floor also has its own lounge area with two private study areas, common couches, tables, chairs, a large-screen TV, and small kitchen area. Common rooms are the perfect place to meet people.
  • Each room is carpeted and the whole building is fully air-conditioned.
  • A laundry room is located on the first floor in each of the four buildings.
  • Stonewall Terrace is the location of the Honors Student Living-Learning Communities.

Building Design Layout


The staff of Stonewall Terrace is comprised of one Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE), one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), and 11 Resident Assistants (RA). The Coordinator of Residence Education oversees the day-to-day operation of the complex, including supervision of the residence hall staff. There is one RA per floor (or per 4 suites) in each of the four buildings.