Latin American and Latino Studies

Explore the people, languages, history, cultures and politics of Latin America in this interdisciplinary program, which blends classroom study with community-based learning and study abroad opportunities. Latin American and Latino Studies can enhance any career path -- from business and law to journalism and the arts -- by expanding your knowledge of Latin America’s diversity, influence and evolving relationship with the U.S.

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with a broad and systematic exploration of the peoples, languages, cultures, and sociopolitical dynamics of Latin America as an important world region, with added emphasis on the important increasing ties that link the region to North America and beyond. With nearly 600 million people and emerging powers such as Brazil and Mexico, Latin America is a vitally important world region. To foster appreciation of Latin America’s historical diversity and growing influence, the LALS minor blends traditional classroom study with experiential and community-based learning, including study abroad opportunities. With the broad foundational study in the region’s cultures, arts, and politics, students in the LALS minor will learn how to critically evaluate and participate in the evolving relationships between the United States and Latin America.