East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies explores the cultures, history and politics of China, Japan and Korea. By studying these globally significant economies through coursework, language labs and study abroad opportunities, you’ll gain an appreciation for the region’s complex traditions, cultural resources and historic contributions to richen your future career in architecture, business, writing, education, history and more.

Minor in East Asian Studies

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This minor directly supports RWU’s mission to “bridge the world” by fostering a student body comprised of global citizens who will explore the languages, cultures, histories, and socioeconomic conditions of China, Japan and Korea. With over five thousand years of civilization, more than a billion people, and globally significant economies, East Asia plays an essential role in the modern world. Balancing liberal arts and professional approach, the minor will introduce students to the region’s complex traditions, rich cultural resources, and historical contributions, while fostering intercultural relationships between the United States and East Asia.

Foundation requirement:

ASIA100Foundations of Asian Studies 

*Study Abroad courses may be approved for substitution of this requirement with the approval of the Asian Studies Minor Advisor.

Language requirements
Two semesters of an East Asian Language (Chinese [Mandarin], Japanese, or Korean).

Elective Requirements
** Students must meet all prerequisites for all of the courses listed below unless waived by the instructor.

Social Sciences/Professional (select one)

ANTH356World Cultures** 
ECON330Economics of Developing Countries** 
ECON350International Trade** 
HIST281Survey of East Asian History** 
HIST317Studies in Asian National History** 
HIST381Critical Periods and Topics in Asian History** 
POLSC340International Political Economy** 
POLSC346Foreign Policies of Russia and China** 
SOC330Globalization and Identity** 

Humanities/Arts (select one)

COMM380Visual Media in Cultural Context** 
ENG320Studies in Global Literatures (with special topics focus in Asia)** 
ENG360Studies in Ethnic American Literatures (with special topics focus in Asia)** 
MUSIC312Music of China and Japan 
PHIL212Eastern Philosophy* 
THEAT333Asian Drama and Dance** 


ASIA450Colloquium in Asian Studies