Financing Your Education

University College removes barriers and provides opportunities by working with students to ensure they or their families aren't blocked from an education for reasons of preparation, affordability, or time constraints. In an incredibly complex, global economy, a college education still remains one of best pathways to a meaningful career and a meaningful life so we work with you to find the best payment plan and resource options available to you.

Financial Aid Made Easy.

Applying for Financial Aid

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is the first step to obtaining federal student aid to pay for your college or career school. Follow these eight simple steps to set yourself up for success and submit the form on time. Here are quick instructions and a checklist to help you file for financial aid form:

  • Student: An FSA ID is your account username and password. You need it to sign the FAFSA form online. If you don’t have an FSA ID, you can create an FSA ID online to complete federal student aid tasks. It takes about 10 minutes to create an FSA ID. 
  • Parent: If you are the parent, you need to create your own FSA ID to sign your child’s FAFSA form online. Create an FSA ID . As a parent, you’ll be able to use your FSA ID right away. 

Some of the most common FAFSA errors occur when the student and parent mix up their FSA IDs. If you don’t want your financial aid delayed, it’s extremely important that each parent and each student create his or her own FSA ID and not share it with anyone, including each other. 

The FAFSA is available online at

  • If you are the student, select “I am a student and want to access the FAFSA form.” Then, log in using your FSA ID. 
  • If you are the parent, select “I am a parent filling out a FAFSA form for a student.” After selecting the parent role, you will need to provide your child’s name, their date of birth, and their Social Security number. 

TIP: If you see the option to complete a “renewal” FAFSA form, choose that option. When you choose to renew your FAFSA form, your demographic information from the previous year will roll over into your new application, which saves you some time. 

Create a save key.

  • Unlike the FSA ID, you can share the save key. A save key is a temporary password that allows you and your parent(s) to “pass” the FAFSA form back and forth. It also allows you to save the FAFSA form and return to it later. The key is especially helpful if you and your parent are not in the same place. 

Remember, the FAFSA form is not a “one-and-done” event. You must complete a FAFSA form each school year. 

The Student Demographics section includes your name, date of birth, etc. If you either completed the FAFSA form in the past or logged into the FAFSA form with your FSA ID, most of your personal information will prepopulate to save you time. Make sure you enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your Social Security card. (That’s right, no nicknames.)

Remember that the FAFSA form is the student’s application and not yours. When the FAFSA form says “you” or “your,” it’s referring to the student (unless otherwise noted). Pay attention to whether you’re asked to provide student or parent information.

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In the dependency status section, you’ll need to respond to a series of specific questions that determine whether you need to provide parent information on the FAFSA form. 

The U.S. Congress sets the dependency guidelines. They are different from the guidelines the IRS uses. Even if you live on your own, support yourself, and file taxes on your own, you may still be considered a dependent student for federal student aid purposes. If you are a dependent student, you’ll need to report information about your parent(s). If you are an independent student, you won’t have to provide parent information, and you can skip the next step. Learn about these dependency status questions and whether you’re a dependent or independent student

Your dependency status determines whose information you must report when you fill out the FAFSA form.

  • If you’re a dependent student, you will report your and your parents’ information.
  • If you’re an independent student, you will report your own information (and, if you’re married, your spouse’s).

Undergraduate students who are under the age of 24 are considered to be dependent for federal student aid purposes unless they are married, have dependents other than a spouse for which they provide more than half of their support, are an orphan or ward of the court, are a veteran or active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces, or satisfy other very limited criteria. 

Next, you and your parent(s) (if applicable) will provide financial information. This step is incredibly simple if you use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). The IRS DRT allows you to import your IRS tax information into the FAFSA form with just a few clicks. Also, using this tool may reduce the amount of paperwork you need to provide to your school. So, make sure to use it, if you’re eligible. 

Once you have indicated that you have completed your taxes, you may be eligible to use the IRS DRT. If so, select the button to link to the IRS and follow the prompts. 

You’re not finished with the FAFSA form until you (and your parent, if you’re a dependent student) sign the form. The quickest and easiest way to sign your FAFSA form is online with your FSA ID. 

Note: If you (the student) logged in to the FAFSA form with your FSA ID at the beginning, you won’t need to provide it again on this page. But, if you’re a dependent student, your parent will still need to sign it before you can completely submit the form. 

Sign and Submit Tips:

  • If you or your parent forgot your FSA ID, you can retrieve the account username and password
  • Make sure you and your parent don’t mix up your FSA IDs. This is one of the most common errors we see. This mistake is why it’s extremely important for each person to create his or her own FSA ID and not share it with anyone. 
  • Make sure the parent who is using his or her FSA ID to sign the FAFSA form chooses the right parent choice from the options. 
  • Here’s what you should do if you get an error saying that your FSA ID information doesn’t match the information provided on the FAFSA form. 
  • If you have siblings, your parent can use the same FSA ID to sign FAFSA forms for each child. Your parent can also transfer his or her information into your sibling’s application by choosing the option provided on the FAFSA confirmation page. 

Endowed Scholarships and Awards

University College offers Adult Education Scholarships at the end of each academic year that require applications and specific qualifications. Students awarded a scholarship can apply it to the upcoming term. Program and eligibility requirements are subject to revision based on federal, state and university changes to regulations and policies.
Eligibility Criteria:

  • UC Student who is enrolled in a degree program at University College
  • Demonstrated financial need for school related expenses.
  • Demonstrated academic promise/performance. 
  • Enrolled in one or more courses in the past academic year.

Selection Process:

  • Completed applications must be returned as directed in UC Student Resources Scholarship directions.
  • All applications must be completed by deadlines established each academic year.
  • The Awards Selection Committee will review all applications and select scholarship recipients.
  • Selected recipient(s) will be notified by phone and/or email.

E. Diane Davis Scholarship Fund for Social and Health Services Students in Honor of Dr. Bruce Thompson:
Established to honor Dr. Bruce Thompson, coordinator of the Roger Williams University Social and Health Services program, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student enrolled in the Social and Health Services program. This award memorializes E. Diane Davis, a prominent educator, social worker, and Roger Williams University faculty member.

Roger Williams University Carpentry Apprenticeship Scholarship: The primary purpose of this fund is to provide a 4-year scholarship to a University College student in the RWU Center for Workforce and Professional Development Carpentry Apprenticeship program pursuing a career in the construction industry.

Social and Health Services Alumni Scholarship: 
Awarded by the Social and Health Services Advisory Board Scholarship Committee to a student currently enrolled in the Social and Health Services program who has demonstrated financial need.

University College Scholarship:
Awarded at the discretion of the Advisory Board to University College students in good academic standing and who has demonstrated financial need. 

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Resources and Forms

Sometimes additional documentation and forms are required to complete your FAFSA application, this process is called verification. University College’s Office of Financial Aid operates in a fiduciary capacity for the Federal, State, and outside aid programs. We are required to treat all students in similar circumstances the same way and often must be able to document that treatment. We may request verification of the data submitted on your application by asking for additional documentation.

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Financial Wellness.
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We’re excited to announce an expansion to RWU’s Financial Aid webpage which will help students learn practical financial education, a guide to debt-management, trending news and free virtual events. Our experience shows that, no matter where you are in life, the time to take charge of your financial future is now. And even if you’re starting out with limited resources, there is practical information to help you build financial security over time.

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Billing and Payment 

After running the calculations, you may still find yourself short of reaching your tuition payment. No matter where you and your family are in your higher education journey, it's smart to make a financial plan that combines your savings and current income with student loans and grants from the federal government.

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Payment Due Dates:

  • Fall semester due July 1st
  • Spring semester due January 2nd

Satisfactory Progress Policy

Roger Williams University is committed to the academic success of all students. It monitors progress toward success via the Academic Good Standing requirements. To remain in Academic Good Standing students must meet both rate of progress and required cumulative grade point requirements. Failure to meet Academic Good Standing requirements will result in sanctions and interventions, including dismissal from the University, in cases of serious or repeated poor academic performance. 

In accordance with federal regulations, students must successfully complete at least 67 percent of cumulative credits attempted and have a cumulative 2.0 GPA in order to meet the requirements for financial aid. For example, if a student has attempted 60 credits during enrollment, he/she must successfully complete 41 or more of those credits.

SAP is run on an annual basis at the end of the spring semester once grades have been determined.

  • Students that are determined of not meeting SAP will be sent a letter notifying them of the appeal process.
  • The letter will give a due date and notification date to students in regard to the institution's reconsideration of the student’s eligibility for Title IV aid.
  • You can review the appeal form here: University College Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
  • If student fails to make SAP, student—
  • Loses eligibility for Title IV aid.
  • If an appeal is approved the student is notified of the conditions that must be met to continue their financial Aid eligibility after each term as outlined in the plan.
  • A student that has failed to make SAP, who has appealed and has been granted an appeal, will be on Financial Aid Probation as stated on their approval letter.
  • If a student does not meet the academic plan any future aid will be canceled.  The student can only regain financial aid eligibility until the student is meeting SAP.