Through University College's external partnerships with industry, community groups, and local and state government agencies we interface with the public and its leaders to identify and implement solutions that benefit the larger community.

University College is a thought partner and leader, working to solve problems, innovate, disrupt, and build new systems that create a positive and measurable impact for families, communities, and the State. Whether it’s designing custom courses or opening up our courses and trainings to your employees, we are prepared to provide the support and know-how that is required to meet your specific goals and needs.

"One of the goals here at University College is to link arms with partners and create high-quality, affordable and flexible programs that build off of our expertise to meet community needs."

– University College Dean Gena Bianco

What makes our partnerships so successful?

We understand that every organization's talent needs are unique and present an opportunity to cultivate your employees to successfully meet your objectives. We work to understand your needs, the development of your employees and the ethos of your organization to create a highly engaged successful workforce. Whether it’s maximizing the potential of your existing workforce, cultivating leadership from within, or building a pipeline to your specific industry, we are prepared to provide the support, know-how, and partnership that is required to meet your specific goals and needs.

We have demonstrated results and provide expertise in:

  • developing the cultural competencies of your employees
  • working with you to define the skill sets and knowledge/competencies that need development
  • creating customized learning environments that are seamlessly aligned to your requirements
  • measuring the impact on the employees performance because the training is aligned to your goals – create leadership at all levels
  • removing the barriers to effective professional development (on-site training, online training, and hybrid approaches.

Our Partners

CVS Health                                                                                           

cvs healthCVS Health: Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers. The training program will help diverse vendors gain critical management skills that allow them to expand their partnerships with CVS Health and drive their companies’ success in areas such as marketing, finance, and human resources.                                                                   

Generations Comprehensive Health & Rehabilitative Services

generationsGenerations Comprehensive Health & Rehabilitative Services provides comprehensive health and rehabilitative services for seniors and adults with disabilities, both medically and socially. Our partnership with Generations and RWU's University College offers a Certified Medication Technician (CMT) Training, licensed by the RI Department of Health. CNA's holding a current RI state license are given the opportunity to obtain their medical administration certification over a period of either fifteen (15) weeks or over the eight (8) week advanced course.

National Elevator Industry Educational Program

neiepThe National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) offers craft training for all employees covered by the agreement between Signatory Contractors and the IUEC. NEIEP effectively provides hands-on training utilizing labs, assorted training aids, text materials, and video.                                                                                                       

Catholic School Office of the Diocese of Providence

copIn an effort to raise the bar on providing high-quality education throughout its system of Catholic schools, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence has partnered with the Professional Education Center at the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies to create a new professional development program that will help its teachers and administrators integrate STEAM, a curriculum based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics plus the arts.

HousingWorks RI at Roger Williams University

HousingWorks RI at Roger Williams University envisions a Rhode Island in which hwricommunities embrace a variety of housing choices so that residents, regardless of income, can live in healthy, quality homes in vibrant and thriving neighborhoods.

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iyrsRecently, UC partnered with the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) to offer IYRS students a direct path to an Associate's or Bachelor's degree based on experiential learning. 

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Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex

jsecJuanita Sanchez Educational Complex (JSEC) students in the dual-enrollment program enter in their sophomore year of high school by successfully completing a three (3) credit “bridge” course at JSEC, plus four (4) additional courses on campus over their junior and senior years, earning up to fifteen (15) college credits and a college-level certificate in Community Development upon completion. 

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O2X Human Performance

o2xO2X Human Performance is excited to announce a partnership with Roger Williams University to offer two college credits to any participant following completion of the O2X Human Performance four-day workshop.

Ready To Learn Providence

rtlpReady to Learn Providence works to close the achievement gap between low-income children and their more affluent peers. We improve the education and health of young children (birth to 8) chiefly by working with the adults who play the largest role in their lives – family members, early childhood educators and medical practitioners. 

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Community Action Partnership of Providence (CAPP)

cappCAPP is a Rhode Island non-profit organization with the mission of working in partnership with the community, providing culturally competent supportive services and programs to Providence residents in need to promote their achievement of economic self-sufficiency.

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Connecting for Children and Families (CCF)

ccfLed by CCF and supporting training providers like the PEC, the Northern Rhode Island Career Academy (NRI Career Academy) meets industry-defined needs for qualified candidates for entry-level jobs in banks, credit unions, insurance, call centers and bookkeeping/accounting. 

The Latino Policy Institute (LPI) at Roger Williams University

lpiThe Latino Policy Institute (LPI) at Roger Williams University is committed to generating and communicating non-partisan data of Latinos in Rhode Island. LPI stimulates public policy discourse and enhances the public’s understanding of the Rhode Island Latino experience. With this information, Latinos’ social, economic, and civic contributions to the state can be better documented, understood and engaged. 

West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation

west elmwoodThe Business Skills for the Construction Trades program addresses current and upcoming barriers to increasing employment in the local construction industry. Specifically, the program focuses on modernizing the skills and abilities of small contractors and their potential employees to meet the current and upcoming needs of the industry. With the support of University College, the program will develop a replicable model of a professional development continuum, using cross-industry best practices for nurturing and supporting business development. 


National Guard 

Since 1986, Roger Williams University has partnered with the Army National Guard. Since that time, our programs have extended to all service members and military organizations. The School of Continuing Studies at RWU has affiliations with military organizations and units in multiple states including Rhode Island, New Jersey, North Carolina and Mississippi National Guard, DANTES, SOC, SOCNAV, SOCAD, SOCCOAST, SOCGUARD and the Naval Education and Training Center. 

University College is committed to the educational goals, principles and philosophies of SOC and DANTES.  Roger Williams University was one of the founding partners in the Army National Guard and Coast Guard Institutes.

United States Navy

The Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP) is a program designed to assist every sailor in obtaining a college degree while in the Navy. As a partnership school in NCPDLP, Roger Williams University offers rating-related degree programs designed to meet the educational needs of sailors based on their military training and their educational goals.

In partnership with the U.S. Navy, University College also offers the Legalman Paralegal Education Program (LPEP) to prepare sailors on a course for a career in the legal field.

Commerce RI

commerce riThe Municipality Initiative seeks to eliminate the complex burdens on the smallest of businesses when registering with their local municipality. The end goal is to have a single application and a streamlined registration process to open a small business in a municipality.  University College has been identified as a training provider to municipalities to support this effort.  Cities and towns have included Pawtucket and North Smithfield in the area of customer service.

Rhode Island Department of Corrections

docThe RWU Professional Education Center and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections have launched an innovative and results-oriented program designed to help inmates garner skills for successful re-entry and employment upon release. The program, which reflects the goals of the Raimondo administration and the Justice Reinvestment working group which was tasked with drafting recommendations for a data-driven approach to reduce corrections spending and reinvest in strategies to reduce recidivism.

Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

We are an approved training provider with the RI Department of Labor and Training and offer a number of eligible training programs to individuals who find themselves unemployed or underemployed and seek to connect with a skill development program that will lead them into new career pathways.

Becoming a Partner

If you're interested in becoming a partner, contact University College Admissions at or call (401) 254-3838.