Tuition & Fees

University College provides a valuable education you can afford and we work to connect you with resources to get you the lowest possible cost, so you can earn your degree faster and for less money.

Winter, Spring and Summer 2018-19

To help you plan for the cost of earning your degree our tuition prices do not change.

  • Evening Classroom Course (3 credits)  $999
  • Directed Seminar (3 credits)  $1,299
  • Online Course (3 credits)  $1,299
  • Graduate Certificate Course (3 credits)  $1779

General Fees

University College applicants may waive their application fee upon discussing their intent to apply with an admissions representative. Applicants & current students will pay only a one (1) time semester fee of $50.00 for each semester of attendance. This price is not per course you take.

University College students can take up to fourteen (14) college credits and pay the evening/online course rates.  If you enroll for fifteen (15) or more credits, you must pay our day course rate of $4,029 per 3 credit course.

  • Application Fee $50
  • Audit Fee $428 (per course)
  • Semester Fee $50
  • Computer Lab Fee $181 (if applicable) 
  • Graduation Fee $267
  • Lab Course Fee $440 (if applicable)
  • Late Payment Fee $285

Withdrawal Policy & Refund Schedule
A direct link to view our withdrawal policy, and refund schedule.

Aid & Resources

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Save Time, Money, & Focus On What You Need 

Prior Learning Assessment is a no-cost way for you to use what you already know through relevant learning, work, or life experience and apply it towards a degree. Through Prior Learning Assessment, you can reach your goals – whether academic or professional – faster and for less money.

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Financing Your Education 

Higher education can be one of the best investments you can make. It’s why we’re here to help you find a financial aid solution that works for you.


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Military Benefits 

Members of the Armed Forces and their family members are eligible for discounted tuition rates and other benefits.

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