Our Team

We rely on people with the right experience and connections to help get you where you want to go. Our faculty and staff are here to lend you their expertise, guide you, and help you network. Because they have walked a similar path, they are committed to removing any barriers you may encounter.

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Our Staff

Jamie Scurry

Vice President, University College
Room: 334
Phone: x3118

Gena Bianco

Dean, University College
Room: 330
Phone: x5602

Morgan Beltre

RWU School Certifying Official
Room: 358
Phone: x4864

Keith Chilcutt

Room: 311
Phone: x3568

John Coyne

EMS Program Director
Room: 311
Phone: x3290

Richard Delfino

CJS Advisor/Academic Liason
Room: 322
Phone: x3145

Kim DiPietro

Interim Administrative Assistant to the VP
Room: 357
Phone: x3727

Kelly Donnell

Program Director for Early Childhood Learning
Room: 316
Phone: x5743

Barbara Grota

Business Advisor
Room: 322
Phone: x3092

Rob Hancock

Asst. Vice President of Enrollment Management and Retention
Room: 357
Phone: x4851

Matthew Kite

Program Director, CJS
Room: 339
Phone: x3368

Natalie Markward

Fiscal Admin Asst
Room: 349
Phone: x4846

Bill McManus

IT/TLM Advisor
Room: 322
Phone: 3037

Denise Medeiros

Business Office Coordinator
Room: 348
Phone: x3062

Lina Mejia

Phone: 318

Jana O'Connell

Career Pathway Specialist
Room: 310
Phone: x5406

Edward Pascarella

Justice Studies
Room: 534
Phone: x4870

Raksmey "Reks" Pen

Career Pathway Specialist
Room: 310
Phone: x4807

Pamela Pereira

Asst. Director of Retention and Student Services
Room: 321
Phone: x3582

Dawne Pezzuco

Director of the Center for Workforce and Professional Development (CWPD)
Room: 321
Phone: x3849

Somaly Prak

Project Director, HS Design
Room: 336
Phone: x4829

Tracy Pratt

Paralegal Coordinator
Room: 338
Phone: x3657

Dennis Rebelo

Prof. IT/TLM & Credit Documentation
Room: 342
Phone: x3231

Susan Scorpio

Registration Coordinator
Room: 358
Phone: x3656

Celia Scurry

Interim Administrative Assistant for Gateway to College
Room: 325
Phone: x3530

Lois Smith

Admissions Operations Manager
Room: 358
Phone: x3530

Kristina Soprano

ESL Director
Room: 319
Phone: x3140

Joseph Tucker

EMT Program Director
Room: 311
Phone: x3801

Jeannie Vachon

PA Advisor/Military Liason
Room: 322
Phone: x5694

Myrta Ventura

Instructional Design Specialist
Room: 341
Phone: x3062

Kristin Zimmerman

Employer Outreach Coordinator
Room: 311
Phone: x3555