Our Team

We rely on people with the right experience and connections to help get you where you want to go. Our faculty and staff are here to lend you their expertise, guide you, and help you network. Because they have walked a similar path, they are committed to removing any barriers you may encounter.

Our Staff

Gena Bianco

Dean, University College
Room: 334
Phone: 254-5602

Lynne Bedard

CTE Program Director
Room: 327
Phone: 254-3191

Mayerlin Caridad

Assistant Director, Center for Workforce and Professional Development
Room: 351
Phone: 254-4840

Richard Delfino

Academic Liaison
Room: 357
Phone: 254-3145

Kim DiPietro

Director of Operations
Room: 336
Phone: 254-4851

Barbara Grota

Assistant Dean School of Business
Phone: 254-3092

Matthew Kite

Associate Dean University College
Room: 330
Phone: 254-3368

Bill McManus

TLM Resource Specialist/ Adjunct Prof.
Room: 322
Phone: 254-3037

Lina Mejia

Administrative Assistant
Room: 331
Phone: 254-5428

Sean Parker

Law and Society Program Director/Adjunct Academic Advisor
Room: 339
Phone: 254-3407

Kathy Poland

Business Office Coordinator
Room: 338
Phone: 254-3704

Tracey Pratt

Paralegal Coordinator
Room: 333
Phone: 254-3657


Room: 318
Phone: 254-3067

Amiee Shelton

Director of Prior Learning
Professor of Public Relations 
Phone: 254-3277

Leside Torres

Sr Staff Accountant
Room: 335
Phone: 254-3250

Camille Wildgoose

Administrative Assistant
Room: 3325
Phone: 254-3656

Kristin Zimmerman

Program Operations Specialist
Room: 349
Phone: 254-3555

UC Fax Numbers

Business Office Fax

Room: 358
Fax Phone: 254-3560

Dean Suite Fax

Room: 331
Fax Phone: 254-4834

Helpful Numbers

Searchable University Directory 

UC Admissions Recruitment 

Phone: 254-3838

Bristol Bookstore

FAX: 254-3755
Phone: 254-3036

IT Help


Providence Campus Security Desk

Phone: 254-4830