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COVID-19 Resources for RWU Students & Families

The Office of Student & Family Assistance is working closely with all RWU offices and faculty to ensure your needs and concerns are addressed during this very challenging time.

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Current families are able to work with the Office of Student and Family Assistance in order to help students succeed.

Families may access RWU community resources, including support and crisis counseling, and medical leave of absence assistance. We strive to ensure our students have the right tools to prepare them for life at RWU and for post-graduation.

Emergency Extended Class Absence Notifications

Unforeseen events or circumstances may occur that cause a student to be absent from class. These could include illness, bereavement, accident, or other emergency situations. If such issues arise, students are encouraged to notify their instructors as soon as possible to apprise them of the circumstances leading to their absence from classes and to develop a plan, with a timetable, to make up missed work.

Each instructor has the authority to make decisions about students' absences and how the absence will affect students' grades. The Emergency Faculty Notification does not constitute an excused absence, but notifies the faculty member that the student is working with appropriate support and documented circumstances.

How to initiate an Emergency Extended Notification

Contact the Director of Student and Family Assistance, Renee Danho, 401-254-3042 or for assistance with emergency extended faculty notifications. Be prepared to provide a description of the emergency circumstances. If possible, include the estimated length of time of the absence from classes (minimum one week or 3 consecutive class meetings). Unless it is a unique circumstance, requests for faculty notifications can only be made from the student, not by their family members or friends.

After receiving appropriate documentation, a class absence notification to faculty will be sent, informing them of the absence and the period of time the student is anticipating missing class.


  • An Emergency Notification is NOT appropriate for non-emergency situations (e.g. car problems, planned absences, minor illnesses, or a past absence).
  • An Emergency Notification is NOT a request or mandate to excuse an absence. (This decision is the sole responsibility of the instructor).
  • An Emergency Notification is NOT a requirement for students. If a student contacts instructors about an emergency situation directly, it is not necessary to involve the Director of Student and Family Assistance to resolve the absence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the questions we most frequently field. Questions range from understanding health services to adding money to student accounts.

First Years

Find the resources you need to help equip your student with the tools to successfully transition to life at RWU.


Find the resources you need to help your student succeed in their sophomore year at Roger Williams.


Resources and important dates to help your student continue their success and get started job hunting are located here.


Find the resources you need to help your student during their final year at RWU.

RWU Campus Events

At Roger Williams University we know that community is an important part of a college experience. Our students have the opportunity to attend several events rich in RWU history that promote a sense of community on campus. Orientation, Convocation, Commencement, Homecoming, and Family Weekend are wonderful times when families can get better acquainted with the Roger Williams campus and Bristol community.