Bilge Gökhan Çelik, Ph.D.

Bilge Gökhan Çelik
Bilge Gökhan Çelik, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+CProfessor of Construction Management, Associate Dean SECCM

Contact Information

(401) 254-3648bgcelik@rwu.eduSELB 305N

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability and Marketing of Sustainable Buildings; Green Building Certification Systems; Scheduling, Control, and Optimization; Construction Management Education


Ph.D., Design, Construction, and Planning, University of Florida, 2006

Bilge Gokhan Celik joined the SECCM faculty in Fall of 2009, after completing his postdoctoral fellowship at University of Florida in the area of sustainable buildings and indoor air quality.  He earned his Ph.D. degree in Design, Construction, and Planning at University of Florida in 2006. He earned his M.S. (2002) degree and B.S. degrees in Architecture at Anadolu University in Turkey. 

Dr. Celik’s research experience started with his masters thesis in the area of green buildings, more specifically on the integration of photovoltaic modules into architecture. He continued his interest in green buildings by studying optimization of indoor air quality in commercial buildings as a doctoral dissertation. He continued to research indoor air quality as a post doctoral associate at University of Florida

While at RWU, his main research activity has continued to be on green buildings. He has published numerous articles and gave presentations on occupants' perception of green buildings and how to market green buildings.  Dr. Celik also focuses on research related to improving construction management education specifically in the areas of scheduling, project management, and project control. He has developed training software, and is continuously working on integrating real world simulations and other information technologies into construction education.

At Roger Williams, he has taught CNST 100 - Introduction to Construction Management, CNST 130 - Plans, Specs, and Building Codes, CNST 201L - Advanced Construction Methods and Materials Laboratory, CNST 260 – Construction Estimating and Scheduling, CNST 445 - Construction Project Management and Safety, CNST 450 - Construction Planning and Scheduling, CNST 475 - Construction Project Control, SUST 301 - Decision and Analysis in Sustainability, CNST 540 - Sustainable Construction (Graduate Course), as well as CNST 570 – Construction Finance and Accounting (Graduate Course).

More information about Dr. Celik's academic and professional activities can be found here.