Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE)

With a recent major grant from the E.L. Wiegand Foundation, the Gabelli School of Business nearly tripled the space of the Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE) and equipped it with enhanced state-of-the-art technology to provide students with hands-on training in securities analysis and portfolio management. Expanding the CAFE space enables more students to participate in one of GSB’s most highly visible programs, where students manage two real-dollar portfolios in real time – the CAFE Growth Fund and the Gabelli Value Fund.

Students working in the Center for Advanced Financial EducationThe recently renovated CAFE replicates Wall Street’s analyst pods and trading rooms and boasts the latest financial platforms and technology found in industry, including Bloomberg and resources, a real-time, large-screen stock ticker, desktop workstations and tablets. In addition to portfolio management, CAFE’s mission is to increase students’ exposure to career opportunities within the financial services industry through field trips to major financial markets throughout the United States and abroad. Students in the program have recently visited Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich and London to share their investing insights and receive feedback from international practitioners on their strategies.