Faculty & Staff

  • Garrett Berman

    Areas of Expertise: Eyewitness testimony, confidence inflation, legal safeguards, juror decision making, interrogation techniques

  • Kelly Brooks

    Areas of Expertise: Social psychology, gender, multicultural issues, sexuality, prejudice and discrimination

  • Bonita Cade

    Areas of Expertise: Microaggressions, Psychology and Religion

  • Frank Eyetsemitan

    Areas of Expertise: Cross-Cultural aspects of aging, death, and dying

  • Victoria Heimer-McGinn

    Areas of Expertise: Molecular neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience (learning and memory)

  • Alejandro Leguízamo

    Areas of Expertise: Multicultural issues in sex offender assessment and treatment. Multicultural aspects of psychological well being

  • Judith Platania

    Areas of Expertise: Prosecutorial misconduct, capital sentencing decisions, death penalty attitudes

  • Erin Tooley

    Areas of Expertise: Health psychology, motivational interviewing, substance abuse and dependence

  • Laura L. Turner

    Areas of Expertise: Work and the family. Emotional development. Children and the media

  • Matt Zaitchik

    Areas of Expertise: Forensic Psychology. Civilly committed sexual offenders

Adjunct Faculty