Faculty & Staff

The Department of Mathematics boasts an esteemed faculty of experienced and credentialed practitioners with wide ranges of areas of mathematical expertise. Both inside and outside the classroom they are directly involved with all aspects of educating our students.

  • Hum Nath Bhandari, Ph.D.

    Areas of Expertise: Mathematical Modeling and Optimization; High Performance Computing and Parallel Programming; Stochastic Processes, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

  • Bruce Burdick

    Areas of Expertise: Point-Set Topology, Uniform and Quasi-uniform Spaces, Proximity and Quasi-proximity Spaces, Bitopological Spaces, Hyperspaces, Partially Ordered Topological Spaces, Domain Theory, Dual Topologies, Categorical Topology, History of Mathematics

  • Edward Dougherty

    Areas of Expertise: Biomathematics, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

  • Hasala Gallolu Kankanamalage

    Areas of Expertise: Mathematical Control Theory, Stability of Systems with Delays, Functional Differential Equations

  • Yajni Warnapala

    Areas of Expertise: Numerical Analysis, Integral Equations, Helmholtz Equation and Radiosity Equation

Adjunct Faculty