While other universities may have a waterfront marine field station some distance from the main campus, Roger Williams University is a marine station. CEED is housed in the Marine and Natural Sciences (MNS) building, just a few hundred yards from Mount Hope Bay. We have direct access to the waterfront, and a large, fully functional 7200 ft2 wet laboratory with flowing seawater. This provides us the convenient opportunity to conduct marine field- and lab-based research year-round. The MNS building is equipped with a Wet Lab, a commercial-scale Shellfish Hatchery and Farm, Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory, Molecular Biology laboratory space, and research greenhouses. MNS houses advanced laboratory resources, including a confocal laser microscope, an epifluorescence microscope, a flow cytometer, a particle counter, thermal cyclers, controlled environmental growth chambers, and analytical chemistry instrumentation. On board RWU’s research vessel, the InVinceble Spirit, our faculty, staff, and students launch from our own 200-ft learning platform/dock for coursework, water quality testing, or collection of aquatic organisms.